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Crowfall Double Feature - Eternal Champions & Eternal Kingdoms

By MMORPG.com Staff on August 28, 2018 | Videos | 0

Crowfall Double Feature - Eternal Champions & Eternal Kingdoms

There's a lot of eternity going on in Crowfall these days. In the first of a pair of new videos, ArtCraft shows off a look at Crowfall through the eyes of its Eternal Champions. In the second, viewers get a bird's eye view of some of the games "stunners like Srathor's Lawn and the Cities of Ravenheart", to name a pair.

“Glory, Wealth and Power” are the forces that drive every Eternal Champion to press further, fight harder and dig deeper. All of these rewards can be yours in Crowfall!

Take an aerial tour of some of the most breath-taking Eternal Kingdoms to grace the world of Crowfall. Stunners like Srathor’s Lawn and the Cities of Ravenheart are marvelous examples of function and finesse coming together to create an EK that invites visitors to drop in and stay a while. Explore them the next time you’re in-game and be inspired. 

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