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Crowfall Officially Launching On July 6th

Crowfall, the highly anticipated PvP MMO is finally releasing, coming next month on July 6th.  The upcoming MMO celebrated the announcement with an all-new animatic video about the first story in Crowfall: Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds.

Crowfall's Latest ACE Q&A Gives an Overview and Explains the Latest Test Build

In the latest Crowfall developer Q&A, the ArtCraft Entertainment team outlines what released in the latest test build. They also go over some feature's players may not have noticed and expressed appreciation to the those who have spent their time putting in bug reports.

Crowfall - April Q&A Covers the Vision for the Future

The latest Crowfall Q&A is now live, this time with J. Todd Coleman and Design Director Thomas Blair speaking to the current state of the game as well as providing viewers with insight about their vision for the future.

Crowfall March Feature Walkthrough

Crowfall Creative Director J. Todd Coleman is on hand for a look at some of the big new features coming to the pre-alpha version of the game.

Crowfall - ArtCraft Devs Live Q&A with Zybak

From the video description: "Crowfall Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Design Director Thomas Blair were guests on a live stream hosted by Zybak, a well-known vlogger and a veteran member of the Crowfall community. During the interview, Todd revealed a first look at their vision for Crowfall’s Dregs ruleset, which will deliver competitive Guild vs. Guild gameplay. Coleman said, “This is the single greatest design document I have left to write between now and launch.”"

All About the Crowfall Talent System

ArtCraft is excited to announce a new talent system coming to the Crowfall test servers soon. It's a way for players to actively progress as they play through the game.

MMORPG.com Exclusive - Crowfall Monster Video 'Arising Hunger'

Follow along as a ragtag band of unlikely companions brave the wilderness in the new Crowfall® trailer, “Arising Hunger”, from ArtCraft Entertainment.

Crowfall -  Monster Month - The Cabin in the Woods

Crowfall celebrates Monster Month with a nod to the classic horror films of yesteryear. Bravely enter the creepy cabin in the woods to see what hideous creature hides within!

Crowfall - ACE Q&A for October - Harvesting & the Economy

Crowfall's Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Design Lead Thomas Blair are back for another episode of the ACE Q&A for October. The team tackles questions from the backers on two big features, Harvesting and the Economy.

Latest Crowfall Stream Shows the Goddess Zaleena Getting a Makeover

Earlier this week, Crowfall Art Lead Dave Greco spent time live streaming his work as he gave the Goddess Zaleena a full makeover. Along the way he provided tips for aspiring artists as he worked on the concept art in Photoshop.