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Crowfall Articles

Crowfall Beta First Impressions

With so many games attempting to innovate their respective genres, the MMORPG has been in need of some serious love and attention in recent years. Thankfully we've moved past the age of every new title needing to be the next "WOW killer", and have instead progressed to a time where MMO's are more interested in creating something new rather than the same thing but "better." Matt took a look at Crowfall in the most recent beta test.

Crowfall – Why Centaurs Make October Even Better

This week we spoke to J. Todd Coleman about all of the upgrades coming in October to the playable build as well as got a sneak peak at the war tribes system for monsters. Today, we share the some of the mechanics on the Centaur which is also a playable race.

A Triple Serving of Awesome

Double rainbows can take a hike, as Crowfall developers pull a hat trick of major announcements after a week of confusion. They let the community know there’d be a big reveal, but just failed to mention that reveal was actually three big reveals on the same day.

The First Pre-Alpha Wrap Report

After spending several hours in the recent Crowfall Pre-Alpha Combat Test 1, I can say without a doubt my confidence in this crowdfunded title has never been stronger. For ArtCraft entertainment to take this player-driven MMORPG from a Kickstarter demo in March of 2015 to a playable module in August is nothing short of impressive. Considering that the module was delivered on-time and is actually fun game mode, it’s my opinion that the future couldn’t be brighter for Crowfall.

A Preview of Characters and Warfare

Red Thomas takes a look at character creation and advancement in Crowfall. Then, Red previews warfare and speculates on what players can expect on the battlefield.

A Preview of the Universe and Economy

Red Thomas braves the frigid Texas winter and Austin traffic to get an early peak at ArtCraft’s new game, Crowfall in this first of a two part series previewing the new game in development. What he finds, leaves him feeling more than a little giddy.