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Crowfall Articles

Interview: Crowfall Goes Freemium, Lowers Base Price With Major Update

Crowfall launched in July, bringing the long awaited throne war PvP MMO to the market. However, since launch its felt like it's been hard for the PvP MMO to keep pace with the other releases this year. Well, ArtCraft Entertainment is hoping its latest update, as well as its new free trial model will help draw in players who have been interested in seeing what its all about, but hesitant to drop in.

Crowfall – A New Dawn

Crowfall and get the scoop on what backers can expect over the next month or so of development. Better graphics, new worlds, and even more have Red excited.

Crowfall - The Talent System Revealed

Crowfall keeps on building towards what will undeniably be one of the most unique MMORPGs in recent memory. Everything the team at ArtCraft seems to do is just a little or a lot different from the norm. And the same goes for how the team approaches their talent system for player characters. We caught up with J. Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair to discuss the newly revealed feature. Plus we have an exclusive look at the video reveal of the system.

Crowfall Announces Monster Dynamics

This past week we spoke with J. Todd Coleman about some of the amazing updates coming with Crowfall this week. The main focus was on the monsters in the game and how these different create and tribal types of mobs will impact players as they battle it out against each other. Crowfall’s next big release will start to put the Throne War elements into place, so the team thought to focus on monsters for a few announcements.

Crowfall Interview: The Power of Players

We interview ArtCraft Entertainment on harnessing close ties with the community throughout development.

ArtCraft Entertainment Interview with Todd Coleman, Josef Hall, Gordon Walton

The team behind Crowfall has been working hard on their MMO. However, more is going on than just a game. Recently, Artcraft Entertainment announced that they would license out their MMO Artisan Engine for other MMO creators in the market. It is something that Josef Hall, formerly of Shadowbane and Wizard 101 fame was brought on board to do. Todd, Josef, and Gordon all took time to chat with us yesterday about the plans for the Artisan Engine and how development on Crowfall is coming along.

Focused on Eternal Kingdoms

While taking a break from PAX South, Red Thomas met with Crowfall lead men Gordon Walton and Todd Coleman to find out what the team’s focus will be over the next month or so. Read on to learn more about how players can expect to see the Eternal Kingdoms implemented and rolled out over the next several weeks.

The Uniqueness of Worlds is About to Get Nuts

One of the biggest draws to the initial design pitch of Crowfall was that its many worlds would be unique - no two sharing the exact same layout and peaks and valleys. Well, that idea is about to come to fruition in the alpha, and we spoke to Todd Coleman about what it all means for Crowfall moving forward.

Gamescom 2016 with J. Todd Coleman & Jess Mulligan

Early Friday morning at Gamescom we sat down with Jess Mulligan from Travian to talk about Crowfall while we waited for J Todd Coleman to find his way to us. It was a lovely informal chat. Jess on the other hand? She's been in the industry a long time. Quite possibly she has more experience in the industry than I do at playing the products of the games industry. With that, we had our rambled on...

The Fun, Yet Gruesome, Facts About Vessels

Last week, Artcraft revealed a cool feature coming in Crowfall, the Vessel System, that essentially allows players to find and inhabit the bodies of the fallen. They can even be crafted and sold! We simply had to know more about this fun (and gruesome!) system so we posed a few questions to Artcraft's J. Todd Coleman.

Women in Gaming - Artcraft's Valerie Massey

Women are becoming an increasingly significant sector in games development, taking part in every aspect of bringing games to life. As one of the often lesser-known sectors of the industry, we wanted to shine the spotlight on some incredible leaders, none finer than Artcraft Entertainment's Valerie Massey.

The Artcraft School of Integrity

Red Thomas took a recent trip to Austin and spoke with Art Craft Entertainment top men Gordon Walton and Todd Coleman about their game Crowfall. Testing is underway, and Red had questions about what’s next for the team.

Making Combat & Customization Both Challenging & Entertaining

With nearly 95,000 registered players, 23,000 backers and nearly $6 million in funding, it’s safe to say that Crowfall has come a long way since their Kickstarter ended in March. Attracting players and raising funds are always two of the larger challenges that indie studios, like ArtCraft Entertainment, will face. The more important challenge, however, is the following through and making a good game!

Todd Coleman on Crowfall’s First Pre-Alpha Lessons Learned

With the first Pre-Alpha test having wrapped up just a week or so ago, we caught up with ArtCraft’s Todd Coleman to chat about the lessons learned, the next step of Pre-Alpha, and what Todd thinks about the current state of MMOs. Read on for the full interview!

Todd Coleman on Being Funded

After passing their initial funding goal, Crowfall’s Todd Coleman chats with Red Thomas about what being funded means for the team as they moving and how they plan for what comes next.