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Character Sheet Improvements and November Q&A

Jacob Semmes Posted:
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When we follow these Kickstarter / crowdfunded games, sometimes our own vision is skewed, marred by instant gratification and spoiled by the inside look at game development. Crowfall is not yet a game, and it’s hard for even me to separate that fact from my rummaging around in the campaign worlds. That said, Crowfall’s biweekly updates are starting to show development towards it becoming a fulfilled, even if it is slow to those of us outside of development teams. Small details like UI visuals and character sheets are often overlooked quality of life improvements that make huge differences for players.

Jack Kirby showed off the newest iteration of the upcoming character sheet in the latest news update. You can see the comparison between the screen showed off on the Crowfall site and the one I’ve taken directly from the live campaign test environment down below. It’s easy to see how much easier it is to identify specific elements, not to mentions being less busy. Having actual stats is going to go a long way towards theorycrafting and helping players to begin understanding how stats affect their combativeness. Also note that each of these screens on the current patch is a different menu. The new one looks to incorporate all of this information in single more concise menu.

In other news, the newest Crowfall Q&A was released on November 7th. It covered a number of improvements coming in 5.3 in rapid fire succession. Current testers are most likely up to date on a number of these incoming updates. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s coming in 5.3 according to the devs:

  • Race/class split
  • Cleric class
  • New skills trees
  • Dual weapons replaced with main-hand and off-hand
  • Shield are now classified as an off-hand weapon
  • Quivers
  • Action harvesting
  • Bow disciplines (mostly)
  • Positional damage

They covered a few more specific questions asked by the community about specific racial benefits. If you really want to know all the fine details, the video is below.


Jacob Semmes