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Crowfall Articles

Crowfall Q&A Live! for September

Crowfall's Design Director Thomas Blair and Principal Game Designer Mark Halash are back with this month's ACE Q&A covering a ton of questions from the community including how powers are created and adjusted in real-time; how powers relate to one another and....Hee Haw references. Don't ask.

Crowfall Devs Reveal the 'Hideous Urgu', the Piglike Enemies Players Will Battle

In Crowfall, players will face off against many types of monsters and creatures that inhabit the Dying Worlds, one of which is profiled on the game's official site today. The "hideous Urgu" are a race of pig-men that are sentient and can offer up STYlish defenses with HAM-fisted attacks that can bludgeon their attackers. Ever SAU-SAGE a thing? Well, now you have!

Crowfall Interview: The Power of Players

We interview ArtCraft Entertainment on harnessing close ties with the community throughout development.

Crowfall Double Feature - Eternal Champions & Eternal Kingdoms

There's a lot of eternity going on in Crowfall these days. In the first of a pair of new videos, ArtCraft shows off a look at Crowfall through the eyes of its Eternal Champions. In the second, viewers get a bird's eye view of some of the games "stunners like Srathor's Lawn and the Cities of Ravenheart", to name a pair.

Milestone 5.7 Means the World to Crowfall

If you follow crowd-funded games, you know there are certain moments where their evolution jumps a few generations. Those moments, generally precipitated by some large announcement or game update, are equal parts anticipation (for us) and anxiety (for developers). They generate hype as they make their way through the MMORPG fanbase bringing stray birds back to the roost. Update 5.7 (conveniently linked just for you) is one of those updates.

ACE Q&A for August - Battlements, Vendors & Why Critters Drop Coins

The latest Crowfall ACE Q&A has dropped, this time with Design Lead Thomas Blair and Principal Game Designer Mark Halash tackling a number of community questions including why slain animals drop coins, why on earth there's a white item vendor and many others.

Outposts Will Give Players New Ways to 'Meet & Greet' Fellow Players (with Swords....)

The Crowfall site has been updated with a new developer blog posts that discusses the outpost system, a procedurally generated world system that appears on the map from time to time. Outposts are now live in v5.7 and can appear in one of three forms: War Banners, Single Tower and Double Tower, each "slightly different in form and function". They come with buffs and victory points and are "capturable in the same manner as forts".

New Q&A Live! for July Features Stoneborn-Themed Location

Crowfall Lead Environment Artist Jon O'Neal takes the helm in this month's ACE Q&A Live for July. During the hour-long presentation, fans can find out more about the new Stoneborn-themed beachhead area. It features a pretty cool look at how game assets go from concept to grey-boxing to in-game presentation.

Framerate Improvements Have Arrived in v5.7

The Crowfall site has a brief post from the team to let players know that some big framerate changes have come to v5.7. The tinkering that has been going on under the hood, by all reports, should have a significant impact on optimization. For instance, Unity's terrain "has been swapped out for custom-built meshes" in order to "cut down load times".

To Catch a Unicorn

The unicorn, dark matter, the chupacabra and low-calorie food that tastes good, what do they all have in common with a game engine built specifically for the demands of a MMORPG? Everyone's heard of them but few have ever seen them. Artcraft Entertainment is feeling confident. How confident? Confident enough to catch a unicorn.

Vivox Brings Chat Capabilities to Crowfall Starting in 5.7

ArtCraft's latest Crowfall blog is all about chatting it up. The post announces a partnership with third-party chat system developer, Vivox, and what it brings to the game. According to the blog, "it brings the scalability and features we're looking for along with seamless integration".

ArtCraft Entertainment Interview with Todd Coleman, Josef Hall, Gordon Walton

The team behind Crowfall has been working hard on their MMO. However, more is going on than just a game. Recently, Artcraft Entertainment announced that they would license out their MMO Artisan Engine for other MMO creators in the market. It is something that Josef Hall, formerly of Shadowbane and Wizard 101 fame was brought on board to do. Todd, Josef, and Gordon all took time to chat with us yesterday about the plans for the Artisan Engine and how development on Crowfall is coming along.

ACE Q&A for July - New Monsters, Procedural World Generation & More

The Crowfall team has posted the newest ACE Q&A for July, this time answering questions across a number of topics including procedural world generation, new monsters, Hunger contagion and much more. See what Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Design Lead Thomas Blair have to say.

ArtCraft Technologies is a New Division to Focus on Engine Licensing

ArtCraft has announced the formation of a new division that will be focused on licensing the Artisan Engine. Called ArtCraft Technologies, the division "will focus on providing game developers with turnkey technology solutions for creating large-scale MMOs based on the technology behind their flagship title, Crowfall".

Wood-Elf Timelapse

The latest Crowfall concept art creation video has been published, this time centered on the Wood-Elf. Art Lead Dave Greco shows off how she was created and provides an inside look at the creative process "from start to finish".