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Crowfall Articles

Crowfall - A Chat With The Devs

Crowfall attempts to get ahead of their competition with a new event over the holiday weekend and big changes are in store for PvP-focused backers as new game modes come online. Red Thomas takes a trip to Austin and sums up the details for readers.

Crowfall's Latest Event Rewards Players For Collecting Skulls

Crowfall is hosting an event that would tempt even the most ardent feudal Samurai. The game's Decap-A-Thon rewards you for separating other players from their head.

Crowfall - Embargoed!

Embargoes and crafting herald a new era in the Crowfall development cycle. Red Thomas makes a trip to Austin to learn more and shares what he finds with readers. How has the game been impacted by the “fortunes of war” and what can backers expect moving forward?

Crowfall Update 5.100 Brings New Systems, New Player World ‘God’s Reach’

Crowfall continues on it's path toward release and has given us a meaty status update on the state of development. We have brand new updates on version update 5.100 and a brand new world dedicated to teaching new players the ins-and-outs of the game.

Artcraft Parts Ways with Travian Games & Reacquires Crowfall EU+ Publishing Rights

In a brief announcement on the Crowfall forums, Director of Community Valerie Massey has announced that Artcraft and Travian Games have parted ways. Travian and Artcraft originally inked an EU publishing deal in 2016. The end of the partnership is effective today. No reason was cited for the break up.

Item Reward Cycles & the Crowfall Player

The latest Crowfall developer diary has appeared on the official site, this time dealing with the "item reward cycle" or, more simply, the rewards players gain by completing a activities within the game. While players will earn a variety of items along their journey, those will come with a "diminishing returns curve" meaning the more a player advances, the less impactful the rewards are. "The reason is that we want a player's skill to matter more than itemization".

Crowfall – Industry Day

ACE kicks the in-game industry up a gear as Crowfall takes on speed towards launch. Red Thomas dives into the game again to explore recent updates to crafting and what backers might expect in the way of future support for the player-based economy. Red also invents the new term “tactical economy.”

Crowfall – A New Dawn

Crowfall and get the scoop on what backers can expect over the next month or so of development. Better graphics, new worlds, and even more have Red excited.

Crowfall Team Describes the Power of Visual Storytelling

In a lengthy new blog on the Crowfall site, the team discusses how powerful the art of visual storytelling is to its game. Visual storytelling, in a sense, "brings worlds to life" with the goal to "visually give you a sense of a story without needing words or an explanation behind it". Each player can then take those visual cues and insert themselves into the history and lore of the game world to make it a more personal story and "give context to the greater narrative threads in the world".

Crowfall - April Q&A Covers the Vision for the Future

The latest Crowfall Q&A is now live, this time with J. Todd Coleman and Design Director Thomas Blair speaking to the current state of the game as well as providing viewers with insight about their vision for the future.

Crowfall's War Tribes to Provide Players with Complex Challenges Trying to Defeat Them

The Crowfall site has been updated with a look at the War Tribes system that will bring complex challenges to players as they "try to wrest control of the world away from the gods and stave off their inevitable destruction". War Tribes can take the form of military encampments, tribal villages, abandoned villages. Usually these will be fortified by enemies that have banded together to scavenge resources and they can be found anywhere within the game world.

Crowfall March Feature Walkthrough

Crowfall Creative Director J. Todd Coleman is on hand for a look at some of the big new features coming to the pre-alpha version of the game.

Crowfall Devs Reveal More Lucrative Rewards for Destroying Hunger Crystals

The Crowfall site has been updated with a look at recent changes to Hunger Crystals and how destroying them will yield some pretty sweet loot for those who take part. You may remember that Hunger Crystals are a physical manifestation of the Hunger that spreads throughout the game world and "that drain warmth and life from everything around them". After watching players for the past nine months or so, devs felt players needed more incentive to destroy Hunger crystals. And did they deliver.

The Trials of the Gods Campaign Series Debuts in Crowfall

Crowfall players have a new series of campaigns called The Trials of the Gods. The Trials feature unique campaign worlds dedicated to each of the Gods. Over the next few months, players will encounter "unique maps, rules, and rewards themed to [each] God's unique persona, powers and domain". The first Trial is underway. Called Trials of Malekai, the campaign will run for two weeks and "pits players against each other in battle to win the favor of Malekai the Faceless God of Deception".

Crowfall – Dynamic Campaigns Online

Red Thomas makes another of his frequent trips to Austin, TX. This time, he stops in at the ArtCraft Entertainment offices to talk about the state of Crowfall and what’s on the near horizon for the team. Massive steps forward in December herald a surge in content that should excite fans over the next several months.