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Crowfall Articles

Hunger Week Day 2, Templar Revealed

The Crowfall site has been updated with the second day of Hunger Week with a new look at the Templar playable class and a great look at the evolution of some undead warriors through the four stages of The Hunger as detailed in yesterday's update.

Persistent Characters, Destructible Worlds

The Crowfall team is ready to begin to flesh out what sets its game apart from all the other MMOs in the world. Today, it is said in a new blog post, marks a transition in the dissemination of information. To start the conversation, the article discusses the idea of persistent characters but destructible worlds. By this, players take part in a world's "season" that progresses through a cataclysmic end that ultimately destroys the world on which it has taken place.

New Class, Combat & World Rulesets Explored

In the latest post on the Crowfall site, the team introduces players to the next character class, the Stoneborn Forgemaster. High in strength but low in intellect, Forgemasters are melee specialists. In addition to the archetype class, the team also shows off the way that worlds will be individualized and feature their own rulesets. Players will be able to travel between the worlds to take part in activities as they wish rather than be 'stuck' on one server type.

Gold and Glory Episode 1 - Why Crowfall?

The in Inaugural episode of the Gold and Glory Podcast, a bi-weekly show that focuses on how the player impacts MMOs in areas of crafting, economy and conquest.

The Centaur Legionnaire Revealed

The first Crowfall class has been revealed on the official site. The Centaur Legionnaire is described as "bred to be a Warrior", the class page gives fans a look at basic attributes as well as read a cool backstory on the class.

Raph Koster Joins the Team & Economy/Crafting Revealed

The Crowfall team has grown by one with today's announcement of the ongoing collaboration with renowned MMO designer Raph Koster. According to a new post on the Crowfall forum, Mr. Koster has been working with the team on the crafting system and other features. In addition to this big news, the forum post goes into more detail about the game's universe and delves into some of the first meaty information about crafting and economy in Crowfall.

Building Upon Star Wars Galaxies' Crafting

Crowfall has some mighty lofty goals for itself. The new MMORPG being made in Austin and helmed by Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton seeks to make the sandbox MMO something great again. And they've enlisted the help of some serious talent to do so: namely Thomas "Blixtev" Blair and Raph Koster. Today, we learn all about Blixtev's design for the crafting in Crowfall to build upon the near perfection that was Star Wars Galaxies.

Crowfall - Raph Koster's Introduction

Behind the scenes footage of design brainstorming sessions between J Todd Coleman (Creative Director), Thomas Blair (Design Lead) and Raph Koster (MMO Luminary). (Apologies from ArtCraft on Skype's Framerate, can't trust the Internet!)

Banners, Fealty & Character Creation Page 2 Revealed

The Crowfall team has a trio of new screens on the game's forum. Fans can get a look at the second installment of the banner series, a first look at the Fealty system as shown in a chart and learn more about character creation via page two.

Templars, Champions & a Mystery

The Crowfall site has been updated with a bit of information about a pair of the game's player character classes: The Templar and the Champion. In addition to those two, a third image that hints at as-yet unrevealed game features shows...what?

First Screenshot Shows Character Creation

The Crowfall team has released a pair of new images from the forthcoming title by Artcraft. The first is a screenshot showing the character creation screen. The second image is a concept art shot showing 'city siege'. Both come with some explanations of what is seen and the design process behind each.