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Crowfall Articles

Crowfall Beta First Impressions

With so many games attempting to innovate their respective genres, the MMORPG has been in need of some serious love and attention in recent years. Thankfully we've moved past the age of every new title needing to be the next "WOW killer", and have instead progressed to a time where MMO's are more interested in creating something new rather than the same thing but "better." Matt took a look at Crowfall in the most recent beta test.

Crowfall Lowers Base Game Price As Well As Details VIP Membership Service Ahead Of July Launch

Crowfall is coming in July, and ArtCraft Entertainment announced today their monetization prices ahead of the launch, with special mention of the VIP package as well as base game price.

Crowfall Celebrates with Co-Founder Update - 'Going Live is Not the End of the Journey - it is the Beginning'

In MMORPG's, the destination is often not as important as the journey, and in Crowfall, the recent announcement of their July release doesn't signal the end of that journey for ArtCraft entertainment, but the beginning.

Crowfall Beta Test Giveaway!

ArtCraft Entertainment has partnered with MMORPG.com to give away codes for the ongoing Crowfall beta test ahead of the July 6th launch. Get your code here!

Crowfall Officially Launching On July 6th

Crowfall, the highly anticipated PvP MMO is finally releasing, coming next month on July 6th.  The upcoming MMO celebrated the announcement with an all-new animatic video about the first story in Crowfall: Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds.

Crowfall Test Build Tweak Crafting and UI

Recent patch notes for the beta build of Crowfall point to several changes and fixes for crafting and UI. If you're currently checking out the game in its beta form, here's what you'll want to look out for during your time in-game.

Crowfall Will Share What's Next in Live Stream Today

Save the date for...later today as the Crowfall team will share what they have planned next for the MMO. Here are the details you'll need to know, including when and where you'll need to tune in.

Crowfall Receives HungerDome in the Carnage Update

Beta 6.520 for Crowfall is now live. Dubbed Carnage, the update gives you access to another world, called the HungerDome which is the home of the Throne War arena. Here are the details.

These Are the Player Archetypes for Crowfall's HungerDome Arena Tournament

The HungerDome is a competitive arena for Crowfall's Eternal Champions Series tournament set to take place later this May. Ahead of the series, the team has shared the various archetypes players will control during the tournament as the compete for a prize pool.

Crowfall Dregs Amaranth Campaign Test Underway

The Dregs Amaranth Campaign test is underway in Crowfall. You still have a few days to hop in and check it out.

Crowfall Reveals Their Roadmap for Short, Medium, Long Term

In a recent post in their Discord, the Crowfall team have revealed their roadmap outlining their timeline for the short, medium, and long terms.

Transmog Recipes Should Once Again Work in Crowfall

The latest Live patch for Crowfall has been pushed and brings with it a fix for transmog recipes.

Crowfall Live Patch Tweaks Powers, On Track to Invite 12.2 Group Soon

A new live patch for Crowfall has hit the servers and brings a few tweaks to powers. Additionally, the team has confirmed 12.2 invites will be going out soon.

Crowfall's Release Is 'Very Close,' According To New Developer Interview

In an interview with MassivelyOP, Crowfall's Creative Director J. Todd Coleman stated that the beta MMO is "very close" to launch this year, stating that the team has transitioned mostly from adding new things to the MMO to bug fixes and polish.

New Crowfall TEST Patch Stops Your Equipment From Dropping

A new test patch for Crowfall is here and now stops your equipment from dropping. Yup.