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Crowfall Articles

Crowfall Patch for Alpha Build 5.125 Light on Fixes

The latest alpha patch for Crowfall build 5.125 'The Calling' provides a few minor fixes ahead of its August 11 beta launch.

Crowfall Going Into Beta August 11

Crowfall is officially opening its beta starting on August 11 with invites to be sent out shortly.

Crowfall 5.125 TEST Patch Brings Bunch of Fixes to Campaign, Powers, More

A new test patch for Crowfall sees a bunch of incoming fixes for campaign, UI, powers, and more.

Crowfall 5.125 Update Will Require Wipe

Update 5.125 for Crowfall will require a full wipe. Be warned.

Crowfall Reveals Crow Appreciation Rewards for July

The Crowfall team have shared the Crow Appreciation Rewards for July. Here's what's in store.

Crowfall Outlines The Awakening Update 5.115

The Crowfall team has provided an update on The Awakening, with alpha testing underway.

Crowfall Hits Alpha Milestone

Crowfall has hit a new milestone and is officially begins Alpha testing, which brings it just one step closer to Beta, and eventually the official release.

Crowfall Pushes New Version to Test Server Containing Performance Improvements

Crowfall Goes Back to Basics and Looks at Classes

Crowfall went back to basics recently as it looked at classes.

Crowfall Q&A Shares Info on Latest Test Release

The latest Crowfall Q&A for May provides an update on testing.

Crowfall Looks At Racial Disciplines

Crowfall has outlined racial disciplines in its latest post.

Crowfall Dev Diary Looks at War of the Gods Update

The Crowfall team posted a lengthy dev diary looking at the War of the Gods update earlier.

Crow Appreciation Rewards Come to Crowfall

Crowfall has announced Crow Appreciation Rewards.

Crowfall Takes a Look at Racial Passive Sets in February Q&A

Crowfall devs ArtCraft Entertainment have posted a Q&A for February discussing racial passive sets and more.

Crowfall Dev Diary Outlines Removal of Survival Tray

A new Crowfall dev blog outlines a bunch of changes coming to 5.110.