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Crossout Articles

Post-Apocalyptic Action MMO 'Crossout' Receives Amusement Park

An amusement park has arrived for post-apocalyptic action MMO Crossout on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Here's what's in store.

Crossout and Star Conflict Receive Halloween Events

Gaijin Entertainment's Crossout and Star Conflict are both receiving Halloween events, according to the latest press release.

Mass Contagion Infects Crossout After Latest Update

The Mass Contagion update has been deployed into Crossout. It features a handful of new story campaign missions, an anniversary event and a "new vehicle pack featuring the ride of a regular office guy gone berserk".

Crossout Players Can Rumble Through a New Story Campaign

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have announced the addition of a new story campaign in Crossout. Adventure Mode will see players exploring the Contagion storyline as they explore a large new open world map. The map is filled with new missions and quests for cooperative groups of players or for those preferring solo play. Players will be pitted "against a mysterious, mind-twisting machine capable of turning friends into enemies". There are plans to add to the story over time.

Crossout Introduces Single-Player & Cooperative 'Adventure' Story Mode

Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games have introduces a new feature into Crossout. Players can now enter "adventure story mode" and play through a campaign in single-player or co-op with friends. "The new mode thrusts players into a large-scale, story-driven campaign, which also includes plenty of side quests and events" according to the dev team.

Crossout Players Can Now Race Through Tricky Treats & Halloween Themed PvP Missions

Crossout is going Halloween starting today with the arrival of the Halloween event in the "post-apocalyptic online action game". During the event, there are a number of quests to take on, including both PvP and PvE types. Players can collect over twenty decorative items including stickers for vehicles, unique colors and more. These can be used by the player or sold through the in-game market.

Crossout Players Invited to the Knight Riders Event

Crossout players are being invited to come into the game to check out the brand new Knight Riders event. The Knechte faction has arrived and will remain in game for the next couple of weeks. While there, players will be able to get hold of some new weapons and other high-tech parts for their vehicles. Also, from now through October 9th, players can take part in a special mission for the Knecht's to earn "talers".

Taking a Page from Rocket League, Crossout Introduces Football

Crossout players will be able to take part in a new football game mode that comes with a variety of cool stickers for participation. Each match features 3v3 matches that last approximately five minutes. Vehicles are not destroyed during the match where the objective is to score as many goals as possible prior to the end of the match. Steel Championship will be available from June 10th to June 17th.

Leviathans Mode Lets Players Duke It Out in the Game's Biggest Vehicles

Gaijin Entertainment has updated Crossout with "Leviathans", a new game mode that lets players bring the game's biggest vehicles to the battlefield in head-to-head combat. During special 4v4 matches, each captain can field one Leviathan that has been custom built from the ground up.

The Knight Riders Return from Now Through May 3rd

Crossout players will be able to get hold of some great new gear thanks to the return of the Knechte nomadic faction. Players will be able to "prove their loyalty to the Order" and, in exchange, will be able to purchase rare vehicle parts, completely new and exclusive weapons and well as unique vehicle paints and decorations".

16v16 'Battle Royale' Mode Now Available

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have sent word that Crossout has been updated to bring the new 16v16 battle royale game mode into live servers. The battle royale mode takes place on a new map called Blood Rocks where weapons and equipment to improve vehicles is around the the taking.

Firestarter Faction Blazes Its Way Into the Game

Gaijin Entertainment has announced that the latest Crossout faction, Firestarter, has entered the game along with the 0.90 update for PC. Firestarters will arrive on console next week. As the name implies, Firestarters worship fire and players who ally with them will be "rewarded with new vehicle parts that can turn any battlefield into a scorched wasteland".

Firestarters Named as the Game's Seventh Faction

Gaijin has announced that Crossout players will be able to check out the game's seventh faction when the Hot Spot event goes live later today. The Firestarters are considered a religious sect, but they do love a good firearm. Players will be able to obtain the Harpoon Gun as well as the Shive wheel type, the Bat cabin and the Junkbow shotgun.

The Holidays Arrive in a Snowstorm

Crossout survivors are being treated to some holiday cheer for the grand new year of 2048. During the Snowstorm event, players can take on a number of festive missions and can earn special fireworks and stickers as well as "Cracker", a valuable currency for Scar Santa.

Dawn's Children Becomes the Game's Sixth Faction

Crossout has been updated to bring Dawn's Children into the game. This is the sixth faction and it is filled with "ruthless scientiests contending the rule of the wastelands". As you might expect, these folks excel in advanced tech including hover engines and tesla cannons. Players will be able to get hold of some of these parts to upgrade their own machines.