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CrimeCraft Articles

First Impressions with Ripper X

Ripper X steps into the crime forsaken world of Crimecraft for some basic first impressions of the 3rd person Action MMO! More Information on CrimeCraft: http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game/387/CrimeCraft.html CrimeCraft is a free-to-play persistent world next-gen shooter that puts players on modern day Earth in Sunrise City, a place where rival gangs and various other criminals battle for control. Mechanically, the game is a mix between an online shooter and an RPG and thus heavily s

GangWars Launches & New Steam Package

Crimecraft players can now install the GangWars expansion according to Vogster. GangWars can be downloaded from the official site or installed via Steam. In addition, Steam clients will be treated to a new awesome package of goodies.

GangWars Release Date Announced & New Trailer

Vogster has announced that the next CrimeCraft expansion is set to be released on December 5th. Called "GangWars", the expansion is set in the aftermath of the Bleedout Campaign. Enjoy!

GangWars Official Trailer

Vogster has announced that the next CrimeCraft expansion is set to be released on December 5th. Called "GangWars", the expansion is set in the aftermath of the Bleedout Campaign. Enjoy!

GangWars Expansion Coming in December

Crimecraft developers have announced the next expansion for the game. Called "GangWars", the expansion is set to be released some time in December.

Bleedout Launching in Spanish

The Crimecraft: Bleedout team has announced that the game will launch fully localized in Spanish beginning today, Wednesday, September 21st. This makes the game available in four languages: English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.

Three New Servers Added

Vogster has announced that Crimecraft: Bleedout is seeing explosive growth in the EU. As a result, three brand new servers have been added.

Update for the Cheaters - The CrimeCraft BanHammer

The CrimeCraft team have unveiled their plans as to how they'll be dealing with cheaters within the game. Be sure to head over to the website to see what measures are being taken to ensure that you have the most balanced experience possible in the game.

Summer Update Delay

CrimeCraft's summer update, originally scheduled for a June 29th release, has been pushed back until the end of this long weekend.

Full Notes for Summer Update - Set for June 29th

The full notes for the Summer Update that the CrimeCraft team has been dropping hints about for months now have finally been released, right alongside a release date! Head on over to the website to see what exactly is coming. It's a long read, but well worth it if you're a player of the game, or thinking of picking it up. Take a look!

New Objective-Based Game Mode

With the summer update, CrimeCraft has been releasing details for several weeks now, hoping to entice players and cause a bit of anticipation amongst its hardcores, and potential new players. Now, they're talking about the new objective-based gameplay mode that they hope can whet the appetites of players and non-players alike. Check it out.

Spectator Mode, New Safeguard - To Come in Update

The CrimeCraft team has highlighted another select features from its upcoming Summer Update. Head on over to the official site to get the skinny on both the new Spectator Mode that will allow players to observe matches, tournaments and gang wars, and a New Safeguard mode!

Loot Change and New Options Coming in Update

Last week we heard about the summer update coming to CrimeCraft, this week we get a little but more insight into some of the details and features of the update, including "no Knives" and "No explosions" modes, and more!

Summer Update Coming With a New Game Mode

The CrimeCraft team announced early last week that the developers are working to bring us an update this summer that boasts some welcome additions to the game. Check out the details.

Events to Come on Server Merge Day!

On May 23rd, when CrimeCraft institutes its recently announced server-merge, the team has decided to throw some special events at their players just for the day. Check it out.