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Core Blaze Overview

Core Blaze is a new MMORPG being developed by RedGate Studio and published by Gamania Digital Entertainment.  Focused on combat and exploration, Core Blaze will offer an open, sandbox-style world and a unique class system that is based on equipping different weapons, rather than traditional leveling and job structures.


  • Unique Combat and Gameplay | Classes and abilities in Core Blaze are based on equipped weapons, meaning that players will be able to switch out weapons swords and shields, greatswords, dual blades, and long bows at any time to change their gameplay style.  Cooperation and skill will be the key in group battles and PvP, and players will be able to doge enemy attacks and work together to defeat attackers.
  • Gameplay-Driven Story | Character actions affect Core Blaze's story and quests, and NPC actions will shift based on the time of day and character progression.
  • Open World and Stunning Visuals | Core Blaze's world is an open sandbox, encouraging players to explore and adapt to their new environments as they progress.  Built on the Unreal 3 Engine, Core Blaze's graphics are vivid and eye-catching.
He Said, She Said

During the recent E3 convention, we had a pair of our correspondents check out Core Blaze. In our newest column, "He Said, She Said", our intrepid reporters take a look at the game to see how it measures up along gender lines. See what we think and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.