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Action RPG | Setting:Fantasy | Status:Final  (rel 07/11/12)  | Pub:Webzen Inc.
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First Look Interview

By Richard Aihoshi on November 13, 2011 | Interviews | Comments

First Look Interview

As an introduction to Continent of the Ninth, what is its basic premise or concept? What are its high-level design goals, and what types and balance of gameplay does it aim to provide / emphasize?

Choong Gil Yoo:

C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) is a RPG game that shows extreme action. If you see users playing C9, it looks like a 1:1 action game, but there is more to expect from it. C9 is a game that allows users to interact and explore an unknown world with friends. Most of RPG games are focused on leveling characters, but C9 is more based on actions and has a dynamic action control system. Also, C9 is improved on Community, Guild, PvP, Item Farming, Level Up, etc.

Three Key points to the game: Unrivaled Action RPG, Variety of Skill Combos, Precise Controls.


What do you regard as the main opportunities for and barriers to success here in North America?

Denis Kim:

Currently, Vindictus and Dragon Nest (service by are considered as successful games in North America. However, when C9 launches in North America in 2012, it will be the first 3D Action RPG game, unlike other RPG games. C9, Vindictus, and Dragon Nest have announced the service in 2009, but C9 was the first game that started the service among three games and known as a most prestigious game among them. C9 received a "Grand Prize" and additional four rewards such as game sound, game graphic, game character, and excellent development.

In overview, how does the gameworld differ from those of other MMOGs? Are there locations or related elements that are unusual and/or otherwise notable? How large is the gameworld, and how varied in terms of different types of size, terrain, architecture et al? How much is instanced, if any?

Choong Gil Yoo:

As you can tell from the title, Continent of the Ninth Seal, there are total nine continents in the gameworld.

Currently we've completed creating 5 continents, and the sixth continent is in scheduled to develop. The map of C9 can be divided into two areas: Village and Stage (Dungeon). In the village, all users can connect to the server on live and interact with each other, just like a regular MMORPG. However, on stage (Dungeon),10-20 players are allowed to play at the same time. We limit the number because we highly consider the network lag problems. We prefer to serve a high quality game to our users. Also, C9 adapted a trespassing system. Trespassing system is an unique game system in C9, which allows players to get conntected with other players and makes it possible to interrupt or support players on stage levels.

What is special or unusual about the game's character system?

Choong Gil Yoo:

We considered character customizing as an important element in C9 from the beginning. It's possible to do character customizing widely on character selection screen. Players can create their characters using change system and various costume items. In the beginning of C9 service, there were only three characters (Fighter, Hunter, Shaman), but in the latest developed version, there are additional characters such as Witchblade and Bullet Shooter, so total 5 characters are available in the game. Witchblade and Bullet Shooter will be available after the launch.

There is no gender selection system in the game, but we are highly considering to add the system in the future. All characters can change its job twice in level 10 and level 20. The first job change is for character reinforcement purpose, and the second job change is to specialize the character with style.

How does the combat system function? What are the overall goals for the combat system, and what important, interesting or unusual features does it incorporate? What are the main differences from other MMOGs in the combat aspect of the game, and what led to them? How does PvP function? What are the key features and elements? What forms of PvP are there (e.g. individual duels, group duels, guild battles, nation battles, sieges, etc.)?

Choong Gil Yoo:

The combat system is the core content in C9. In other MMORPGs, they use character level and items to judge the winners in PvP. However, C9 plays differently. C9 allows diverse combo skills in PvP. If a player uses proper skills in perfect time, the player can earn his own unlimited combo and win the game. The latest developed combat systems are 1:1, relay, Deathmatch, and Ranked Destroying War.

Currently, Guild tournaments are in the last stage of development, and we will continue to develop various contents for PvP in the future. There are five different PvP modes:

  • 1:1 PVP = Just like regular PvP
  • Relay PVP = Each team has 8 members and each player plays in order will win.
  • Deathmatch = It's a PVP- FPS format. There is a limited time and player has to earn certain score to win.
  • Ranking Destroy War = Fight Party vs. Party
  • Guild Tournament = A Tournament with Guild format

Is there a large, diverse range of computer-controlled opponents in C9? What are the main considerations that have gone into designing the NPC opponents? What are some interesting examples? How would you describe the enemy AI, and what are its key features?

Choong Gil Yoo:

Each action move has a meaning. To explain in more detail, a monster can attack characters based on the character's action. The monster's AI is increased based on the level of the stage, so even if the player is in the same stage, monster provides different game atmosphere. Also, the geographic feature is not a simple background in C9. Players can destroy the geographic features, the height of the geographic, the attacking pattern gets changed so it's very important to use geographics in C9. Besides these, in order to prevent the tediousness of game, there is lock and unlock button and there is a secret stage which can be entered with collection of specific items.

Is there any form of pet system? (If not, just ignore this entire question.) How does the pet system function, and what makes it different from pet systems in other games? How does this system function? How important are the pets? What types are available, and how are they acquired? Can all classes have them? Are any of them only available to certain classes? How many can a character have? How many can be used at once? Do they level up or improve, and if so, how? What else is interesting about them?

Denis Kim:

Currently C9 doesn't have a pet system but it is on schedule to develop for next year global service version. It will be included and possible to do the service in the global service next year. We are planning to adapt North America/Europe users' feedbacks on pet systems and when it will be applied. So please give us more time on the C9 global service.

What kinds of major activities are there aside from combat?

Choong Gil Yoo:

Besides PvP content, C9 has item reforcement, Guild housing, Item shape changing system, which are most of the features that RPG games support. There is also the legend system and Master career system. Other features included in C9 are item reinforcement, Guild housing, Item modification system: those are the RPG systems. The legend system is a system that gives title to the player who actively participate in particular area, and player can show the personality of their own character. The master job system is a crafting system which produces the items that can be actively used in the game.

Does the game offer lots of different weapons, armor and items in general, and how important are they? Is it possible to upgrade items, and if so, how does this work? Are there rare or unique items? What are some examples of cool items in the game?

Choong Gil Yoo:

There are diverse levels of items in C9, the most important part is combination and reinforcement. The meaning of Items in C9 is there is no absolute reinforcement level in item system but it's structured based on player's character and user's preference. That means all players won't try hard to acquire the best item. Each player looks for its necessary and use. Also, for high quality items, players don't just find them. Through each reinforcement and combination, player can apply diverse options and use the master job system and other systems to make the best items.

Since game uses the cash shop revenue model, how do the items that are for sale differ from the ones available through play? What are some interesting examples of for-sale items? What if anything is different about this game's version of the cash shop model?

Denis Kim:

C9 was developed as a Free to Play game. Current services in Korea and other countries have free to play service. We are planning to adapt the free to play service model for C9's global service. We are planning to announce more detail information on payment policy in 1Q 2012.

How significant are quests or missions in the game? How are they be acquired, and what can you tell us about the various types in the game or about specific ones?

Choong Gil Yoo:

There are 2186 quests existed in five different continents. The quests are created in two different styles. One is a tutorial style, which serves as a game guide to the beginners those who don't know the game well. Second, after the middle level, it serves as a guideline for PvP, Guild, Job change, etc. Playing quests is not a requirement for C9 game play, but it will be helpful to play the quests in order to know the game system better, and eventually it will lead players to become a master in game.

Please describe the major features of your game's engine and overall technology, especially any aspects that particularly important due to the nature of the game. What are the system requirements for good game performance?

Choong Gil Yoo:

C9 is developed with an in-house engine so player can experience the optimized system for action. Awesome controlling and realistical action are maximized through Non-targeting controls and combos.

Is there anything else that you'd like to tell our readers (e.g. have any important features or elements not been addressed?), something you'd like to ask them, or any other closing thoughts?

Choong Gil Yoo:

We are so glad that we can finally service C9 to North American users. We're already aware of the great interest in C9 through and other communities. We will do our best to service C9 in North America with the highest quality. The development direction of Cloud 9 studio is always incorporate users' feedback in the game. We highly encourage everyone to participate C9 User Test in 1Q 2012 and give us great feedbacks on our game so that we can improve it before it launches. Thank you.

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