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Conqueror's Blade Receives Free Update Bringing Season 3: Soldiers of Fortune

New weapon class and new units

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Season 3: Soldiers of Fortune is the latest free update to hit Conqueror’s Blade.

The free update brings with it the Maul weapon class in addition to five new unites. The Maul is described as a two-handed warhammer designed to just deal heavy damage. It comes equipped with skills, and can be unlocked in the battle pass at level 25.

Additionally, five new units have been introduced. Here’s how they break down:

  • Pavise Crossbowmen (Tier 5) are paid well enough to afford heavy shields and crossbows capable of puncturing chainmail.
  • Fortebraccio Pikemen (Tier 4) are cavalry killers that take their name from their fallen captain Mastino Fortebracci, a legendary soldier of fortune.
  • Condottieri Guards (Tier 3) are swordsmen well-balanced in attack and defence and are typically the first to charge and last to retreat.
  • Falconetti Gunners (Tier 5) are the game’s first artillery unit, armed with cutting-edge, gunpowder-fuelled cannons that can tear through enemies like a hot knife through butter.
  • A new Mercenary unit can be recruited by spending Silver or Sovereigns on the Unit Tree: the Martellatori (Tier 1). Though not mighty warriors, these hulking builders can push siege engines and easily soak up damage that would kill lesser men. 

Check out the trailer for Season 3 below. Season 3 is also set to introduce several graphical updates, as well as polish, rebalancing, and more.


Poorna Shankar