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Recent Conan Exile Live Stream Discussed Architects of Argos DLC

Arriving May 7

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Conan Exiles live stream looked at the Architects of Argos DLC and more.

The DLC is set to arrive later this month on May 7 coinciding with the Followers II update. The theme for the update is based in Argos and the culture there. Naturally, you can expect to see a lot of Greek influence.

In fact the armor system in the DLC is also Greek-inspired. Interestingly, no sea-faring vessels in the form of ships or boats are included in the DLC. The justification behind this is simply the lack of water in the game.

Additional details are that the DLC includes 49 building pieces 18 placeables, 3 new saddles, 3 armor sets, and 9 new weapons. Also, keep in mind that the Architects of Argos DLC is not part of the Year 2 DLC Pass. The team also indicated that they don’t have any news to share around the Year 3 DLC Pass.

You can catch the full live stream below. Or, if you like the written work, check out this in-depth summary of the stream here.


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