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Conan Exiles Official Building Contest Challenges Exiles To Create Tiny Homes

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Conan Exiles is one of the more interesting survival games to come on the market in recent years. Combining the brutality of the Conan universe with the base building seen in the genre really jived with fans. But - how would exiles thrive if they were forced into a tiny home?

Developer Funcom wants to find out. It's challenging its exiles to build the most fascinating and creative tiny homes on their servers. Using a 4X4 plot, participants aren't supposed to draw from a historic building or recreate something out of another world, but rather create a wholly unique tiny home dream house!

Participants will need to take a screenshot - or more should they choose - to Funcom via email (contest@funcom.com). The subject line must be "Building Contest." Entries will be accepted until August 5th and winners will be chosen on August 8th. Participants have the chance to win a DLC of their choice, Season 2 pass as well as 6 months paid server time or a brand new server to create their own world.

You can view the entire set of rules and prizes, as well as tips on how to take screenshots and more if you're a console player here


Joseph Bradford

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