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Conan Exiles Hotfix Brings AI and Thrall Fixes

Plus an exploit fix

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest hotfix for Conan Exiles brings a few fixes for AI and thralls.

Specifically, it fixes a falling damage issue, and horse collision:

  • Fixed an issue where followers would die of falling damage
  • Adjusted collision on horses and rhinos to avoid them bumping the player when on follow. We’re working on a better solution for these and other pets.

Other fixes include those addressing performance and stability,

  • Addressed a number of server crashes.

Additionally, the team released an exploit fix,

  • Fixed an exploit that would cause a server to crash under specific circumstances.

Finally, animation and cinematics saw a fix with LOD (level of detail) pushed out as well,

  • Fixed a LOD issue that would cause NPCs and wildlife to move “choppy” at lower distances than intended.

In case you missed it, the Architects of Argos DLC released last week. The DLC brings 94 new buildings pieces, new weapons and armor, and 18 new placeables. You can catch the full details on the live stream below if you missed the more detailed dev chat where the team discussed the DLC,


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