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Conan Exiles Bonus XP Event Continuing Till April 3

Double harvetsing now over, though

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Bonus XP continues for Conan Exiles until April 3.

The very short post on Steam contains a few more details,

“Doubled harvesting rates are now over. But we're going to keep this momentum going! All official servers on all platforms now have increased XP rates until April 3rd.”

In other news, a recent Producer Letter outlined a host of features coming to Conan Exiles, including follower management UI, follower commands, thrall limiter, TestLive Client, undermeshing, and more. Undermeshing specifically should be on your radar,

“The team is working on several ways to combat Undermeshing and other exploits that allow players to build outside the intended area. Some of these changes are risky and may have unintended side effects, so we want to make sure our solution is tested thoroughly before it’s released on all platforms.”


Poorna Shankar

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