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Conan Exiles Articles

Red's Read on Conan Exiles Crafting And Survival

Conan Exiles has had its crafting tree updated. Red Thomas logs in to explore how the game has changed and whether or not this is something that players should be excited about. Have you really been itching to get your crafting/survival on? Red's thoughts might help guide your next steps.

Red's Read On Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah

Conan Exiles is a game that Red Thomas has bragged on many times. Their new Isle of Siptah expansion has not released without problems, though. Red takes readers through some of the issues he had playing the new expansion and offers some troubleshooting and work-around advice.

10 Tips to Progress Faster

Red Thomas is still playing Conan Exiles and after a hard weekend of starting over on a new server, has a few tips on getting going. If you’re new to the game, these are must-have tips for being competitive, and even veteran players might find good details for improving their game.

Missing In Action

Conan Exiles has continued to capture the attention of Red Thomas, and a recent recon in force along the Thoth Amon Trail turned into a total Golf-Foxtrot. One thing the local Darfari are about to learn, you don’t Foxtrot with Sarge.

First Blood

The new jungles of Conan Exiles called to US Army veteran Red Thomas, and he disappeared into them. When the editors attempted to contact him, they found Red near Xalthar’s Crossing standing amidst the dismembered bodies of his slain enemies. His only words were, “They drew first blood, not me! They drew first blood…”

The Frozen North is a Great Expansion to the Game

Robert E. Howard captured an amazing world with Hyboria. Conan was the main character, but the backdrop of the world he lived in, really breathed along with him. In Conan Exiles the team at Funcom picked up that breath and turned it to frost. The Frozen North is a fantastic expansion to Exiles and one that continues to capture Howard’s vision. Here is a breakdown of what to expect and how the game plays.

5 Things We Expect from Conan Exiles Early Access

There are still some questions about how the Hyborian Age will fit into the survival game genre. In many ways Conan is the perfect fit, harsh and brutal just like the stories, Conan’s mythos lends itself to a very hardcore crowd. That audience is perfect for the survival genre and vice versa, survival fans may be in for a treat with a tough fantasy take on the genre which has been embedded in the zombie zone for years now. So, with that here are the Top 5 hopes we have for Conan Exiles.