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World of Warcraft: Tales of the Little People Part 1

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World of Warcraft is an epic tale of the struggle between two superpowers, each one wanting to dominate the other. On its surface, the story of war is “heroic” and one filled with the “courageous” actions of armies and mighty generals. What is often overlooked, however, are the effects of war on the “little people”, the countless, faceless millions who try to survive the ongoing divide.

While it’s always up for debate how “good” the lore is in WoW, most people agree that there are timeless memorable stories that are told on a smaller scale. Over the next several articles. We’re going to take a look at some of the “Tales of the Little People”. Later we’ll look at some of the tragic stories that touch better-known characters and even examine some of the most gut-wrenching in-game memorials placed by Blizzard over the years.

Pamela Redpath - Eastern Plaguelands

The tragic events leading up to the Culling of Stratholme is the larger story taking place in WoW but one of the smaller tales is the ill-fated Battle of Darrowshire, a small human enclave in the Eastern Plaguelands.

After that battle between humans and the Scourge, players a man named Carlin Redpath who asks you to find out what happened to “Pammy”. Sadly, players discover that she was killed during the battle, but she was not raised as Scourge. But her frightened spirit remains. Players coming across her ghost see her huddled in one of the ruined homes in the village. Speaking to her, she tells you she was told to remain in the house by her “Auntie Marlene” because her father had to go and fight.

“My father’s the bravest man in the whole world! But I’ve been here for a long time, and he hasn’t come for me. Sometimes bad people come and whisper to me and I want my dad to make them go away, but he’s not here!” she says before asking players to go and find the doll that she’d left in the village.

Once the three pieces are found and reassembled, players return to Pamela. She tells you about her father’s sword and where it can be found. Players retrieve it and return it to Carlin.

The Chill of Death - Tirisfal Glades

The Forsaken are some of the most tragic characters in the entirety of WoW. The former human inhabitants of Lordaeron, they have been raised into Undeath by Sylvanas Windrunner. Between Undercity and the town of Brill, players meet Gretchen Dedmar, an old woman who fears that she’s returning to the mindless state of the scourge. She tells the player that she wants to continue to serve the Dark Lady, but that she is so cold and asks the player to help.

It's so cold, now. The Plague of Undeath crawls through my veins like an icy serpent. The mindless state will be upon me soon. But no doomed destiny will prevent me from serving our Dark Lady. When the call arose I sewed body bags for the fallen soldiers of Sylvanas's mighty army.

Now my hands shake from the chill. If you would bring me five duskbat pelts, I could sew myself a blanket. Help me, so that I can continue to serve the cause.

The Weathered Grave - Duskwood

When adventuring through Duskwood, players will run across Sirra Von’Indi who hands you a book called The Story of Morgan Ladimore, an epic tale of “a great and noble knight who fought in defense of the innocent, the poor and the afflicted”. After years spent fighting the Scourge in the service of Uther the Lightbringer, Morgan’s one driving thought was to come home to his wife and two children. When he did, however, they were nowhere to be seen, their home in ruins and no trace anywhere.

On his way to Lakeshire to look for them, he stopped at Raven Hill Cemetery where he found three graves in an out of the way spot.

Then he saw them: a small, untended plot amongst the many with three small gravestones. A feeling of dread washed over him as he approached. Morgan brushed off the dust of the most prominent gravestone to reveal the name on it. Simply carved upon the grave, letters spelled out his worst fear:

Lys Ladimore

Beloved Wife and Mother

In a fit of rage and grief, Morgan murdered three cemetery attendants then killed himself when he returned to his right mind. When the bodies were found, his was buried in “a hastily dug grave on the outskirts of the cemetery”, though he would not remain. “Morgan could not die a peaceful death, and lived on as one of the restless dead”. His spirit wanders Duskwood in blind rage committing random acts of murder.

Gar’rok & Dahaka - Nagrand (WoD version)

Players climbing up the path from the Circle of Elements in Warlords of Draenor’s version of Nagrand will come upon an old man standing on the edge of a cliff. He tells you that when he was a young man, he had a life-mate named Dahaka and that she was “taken from him” after they had been bound only a short time. In fact, he stands with players next to her grave where he tells you he will finally rest beside her. But before he dies, he asks players to go and find an ember blossom, Dahaka’s favorite, to lay on her grave “one last time before I die”.

Along the way, players learn that a woman named Challe “who has kept her youth and beauty” through the years was jealous that he and Dahaka loved one another. He asks you to also find out the truth of what happened between the two women.

Once both tasks are complete, players return to Gar’rok who is now ready to die. He tells players he is ready to leave this realm without regrets and asks them to remain with him during his final moment. After a short time:

“My time is at an end, but I die knowing that I have honored her memory.”

Gar'rok lies down

“This body grows weary. These old eyes darken…”

Dahaka's ghost appears

Gar'rok, my mate...I have stood by you as a breath upon the wind. I have watched as you lived with honor and my love has not waned. Rise, husband. Your ancestors call...reunited we shall answer.

Gar'roks ghost rises from his corpse

Dahaka, it is your call that I have waited so long to hear.

Uuna - Argus

One of the most horrific mounts that players can collect comes from the Many-Faced Devourer found on Argus. Killing the creature can yield the mount and also a “pet” Draenei ghost child named Uuna. Her pet journal entry states, “Uuna was found bound to an Ur’zul and was released into the Shadowlands where she wandered in utter darkness.”

Summoning her, she seemingly does not see the player and fearfully says, “Mama? Mama! Why is it so dark? It’s scary here...can anybody hear me?”

Later she tells players she can hear them, but not see them. “Who are you? Can you help me? It’s so dark! I can’t see a thing!”

Players are sent on a quest that literally takes them around the whole of Azeroth in an attempt to rescue her from the Shadowlands. Eventually, she can see the player and asks to be taken to her home -- no easy feat to reach by the way -- and to several other locations to fetch a number of items of importance to her.

Once done, players enter the Shadowlands where players have to defend her from the shadows that want to devour her. Done correctly, the scenario ends with Uuna finding her family again, but she tells players she would rather stay with them for just a little while longer.

The light... it's telling me to follow it...Mama! Papa! They're waiting for me!

Wait a sec...There's so much I never got to do. So many places I never got to see...

Is it okay if I stay with my friend? For just a little while longer?

Friend! The Light says I can stay! Woo-hoo! Tell Mama and Papa I miss them, and... and I'll see them soon!

That’s it! Those are some of our favorite “Tales of the Little People” for this article. We’ll have more next time. In the meantime, what are some of your most beloved stories from WoW? Let us know in the comments!


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