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Wizard101's Fantastic Fairytale Bundle

Seth Koenig Posted:
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When you think of fairytales, is your first thought bright orange skies with clouds? No..? What about a giant candy house in the middle of nowhere? Well, Wizard101 got a little creative with the Fantastic Fairytale Bundle and threw in some quite unique elements along with your typical fairytale cliches! With gardening boosts, a daily item generator, and several other secrets, this house is gigantic, so let’s dive in!

The Fantastic Fairytale Bundle is located at your local Gamestop, or can be purchased online at the GameStop website for $39! With this bundle, you will receive the following:

  • Everafter Village House
  • 4-player Pumpkin Carriage Mount!
  • Noble Toad Pet
  • Monarch’s Attire and Poison Apple Wand
  • Additional Castle Elixir
  • Choice of 1 Month Subscription to Wizard101 or Pirate101 // 5000 Crowns

Everafter Village

This house is MASSIVE. There are so many areas for you to decorate, and quite a few secrets to discover as well. There is fishing as per usual in this house, with a new doodlefish for you to score! Also, this house also shows up as a “like” to gardening, so this is a great house to put your plants in as well! Finally, there also is a wishing well where you can get a wide range of items daily, which can range from pets to gear to treasure cards!

Pumpkin Carriage Mount

Keeping in theme with the bundle, the mount is a good ol’ throwback to classic fairytales, the Pumpkin Carriage! A great option for your questing team, or just having a bunch of friends hop in, the Pumpkin Carriage mount is a 40% speed boost mount!

Noble Toad Pet

As if there wasn’t enough fairytale references, Wizard101 threw in a frog reference too! The Noble Toad Pet is an ice pet, and comes with a Snow Drift card at baby. The stats and talents aren’t too good, so you’ll have to work on hatching it out if you want a tough little toad.

Poison Apple and Monarch Attire Set

Quite the royal look, isn’t it? The Monarch Attire set can be redeemed up to level 130, and the stats are the higher levels are actually quite decent! Overall, the set is good if you haven’t had the chance to farm for some of the more lucrative gear sets in the game, and you get the added bonus of looking like a dapper king!

Moving on to the wand, it gets a little more interesting. First off, it’s .. a poisoned apple with eyes, spooky. The stats are quite good at the higher levels, with the level 130 version giving a decent amount of critical, block, AND pip conversion. The item card is quite cool too - it’s called Sleeping Toxin, and for 6 pips, it’s a poison with an added effect of a stun! The entire set is overall a good investment and the looks are quite cool too!

With every bundle, it also comes with an additional castle elixir and your choice of either 5000 crowns or a 1 month subscription to either Wizard101 or Pirate101! This bundle has tons of perks, and for the price point of $39 - I would totally say this is worth it! There is a ton of land to decorate, the gardening and wishing well perks, and the gear is solid!

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the bundle. Are you adding this to your collection, and what is your favorite part of the bundle?


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