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Wizard101 Summer Test Realm Recap!

Seth Koenig Posted:
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It’s that special time of the year again, where the doors are opened, and brought forth are some new and exciting additions and updates to the Wizard101 universe! This time around for the Summer 2019 Update, we have improvements to the First-Time User Experience (or FTUE for short!), a new Beastmoon event, some more Deckathalon fun, and a few other special surprises. Let’s dive in! As always, with Test Realm content, everything is subject to change!

FTUE (First-Time User Experience)

The biggest addition to this test realm is the update to the First-Time User Experience. What is this, you may ask? When a player first starts Wizard101, prior to this update, the first few hours of the game never really went in-depth to teach you many aspects of the game. It left you to figure out a good majority of the game’s features for yourself. With this update, the questline for the first few hours of the game has been slightly changed, and there are now several new tasks and dialogue prompts that better teach you things like equipment, tutorial tips, treasure cards, side quests, and other helpful tips!

Also, some of the NPCs of Wizard City have relocated to other spots of the realm, so keep an eye out for that! There also are several new treasure cards for you to collect from Harold Argleston, including blades and traps that were previously not offered before! If you’ve never previously tried Wizard101, once the update goes live - it’s the perfect time!

New Beastmoon Hunt Event

Welcome to night-time in Aggrobah! The Beastmoon Hunt Event is a new, team-based event in which groups of 12 wizards (6 vs 6) face off with each other to capture points and battle each other in fierce combat! In this mode, you can polymorph into several different Beast Forms, each with their own set of spells and strengths. The goal is simple: capture and retain select points and battle your way to 100 points first! The best part? All levels can participate together because your level does not matter in this mode! As you progress and collect Lunari (the new currency exclusive to this mode!) you can get upgrades to your beasts, as well as unlock recipes for new school design robes for each school! There are some other surprises in store, such as school specific seeds to garden, so there’s rewards for everyone! Now, let’s get into a brief explanation of what this mode is all about!

Imagine capture the flag, but with an aspect of the traditional combat of Wizard101, and you get Beastmoon! There are five points available to capture, with four being available right from the start. The middle point, or Spiral, unlocks later on in the game and gives your team a BIG boost of points if you are so lucky to capture it. Each ring has a different amount of people that can contest and battle it, with the spiral ring being 4 vs 4 madness! The mode also features new spells that can create some spectacular plays! This event is available for all wizard, membership or not, so give it a try once it comes to the Live Realm!

Scroll of Fortune + Spiral Showcase

The final substantial part of the Summer Test Realm is two new ways to earn rewards on a consistent basis - we have the Spiral Showcase and Scroll of Fortune! With the Spiral Showcase, wizards can earn points for basic tasks, such as catching fish, training pets, crafting items, and other tasks! Rewards can include snacks, gold, reagents, and if you complete the entire track, you can even earn a free pack! Let’s move into the Scroll of Fortune!

With the Scroll of Fortune, you gain points for completing tasks in all the other events (Spiral Showcase, Beastmoon Hunt, and the Deckathalons). Each Scroll of Fortune lasts 90 days, or each season! There are certain prizes available for all wizards, or with the purchase of the Scroll of Fortune, all the rewards can become available to you! Members can get a 50% off purchase cost for the Scroll of Fortune, so if you’re a hard-working wizard, you can get some great progress and special rewards! The rewards include special member benefit elixirs, a brand new emote dance, and several other fun surprises! (Note: as of writing this, there have been talks from the developers of switching up some of the rewards in the Scroll of Fortune, so what might be described may not actually make the final edition of it!)

Other smaller updates include the final conclusion of the Wizard City Revamp in Crab Alley, bug fixes, and an updated quick sell interface! As a whole, this test realm provides a lot for the Free to Play crowd and drawing new players into the game! And as always, I’d love to hear what you think - sound off in the comments on your favorite part or any fun experiences you’ve had in the test realm so far!


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