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Wizard101 - Recapping The Halloween Updates For 2019

Seth Koenig Posted:
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With every October comes the Halloween festivities to the spiral, and this year is no different! While we wait for a potential fall Test Realm, as teased by the official Wizard101 Twitter, we have our yearly Halloween event up in the spiral! As with previous years, we have the return of the Halloween packs, such as the Elven Nightmare and the original Nightmare Pack! As well, our nefarious rabbit friend is stirring up trouble in Haunted Cave with his veggie goons - check that event out! Let’s take a deeper look into the new stuff this year - featuring a new mount, a new simultaneous release pack to both Wizard101 and Pirate, and a new elixir making quite the splash within the community!

First off, we have the Pirate Nightmare Pack for both Wizard101 and Pirate101! Released on the 14th, this is the first simultaneous release of a pack to both Wizard and Pirate! In this pack for Wizard101, you can obtain some spooky pirate-esque gear, and have a chance of obtaining your very own Flying Dutchman mount!

Fun fact, this mount was previewed in the Fall Scroll of Fortune, so you may have already seen this roaming around the spiral! We also have a brand new mount in Wizard - the Megabat mount! You can find it in the crowns shop for 7500 crowns! Nothing too groundbreaking in terms of cosmetics for the game, but it is a new model of mount introduced to the game. (based off of the bloodbat spell!)

Speaking of crowns, let’s talk about another addition to the crowns shop during the Halloween season! For years now, players (myself included) have been wanting an easier way to gift friends or family memberships that are unable to purchase one themselves. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to say we finally have that in the form of the brand new 1 Month Prepaid Elixir! This elixir grants accounts a membership across all characters on that account for one full month. There are some very important notes to be aware of regarding the elixir:

  • If you purchase or are gifted this when you do not have a membership, you will need to log out fully and back in for it to begin!
  • Unlike other elixirs, this does not pause when you log out, so get the full use out of it!
  • If you are already a member - the extra month will be added onto the end of your subscription and the renewal date will reflect this.

The price of this elixir has had some debate, as some players have expressed wanting a slight reduction to be more in-line with the price of a normal subscription. For reference, under a non-sale, purchasing 8000 crowns ($20 since you would have to buy two blocks of 5000 crowns) would cost you roughly 2x more than buying a subscription out of the online store. A suggestion I personally would have is lowering it just slightly to 7500 crowns, that way you won’t have to buy an extra block of crowns, thus spending more money just for an extra 500 crowns.

As with every Halloween event, most of the familiars have returned - but the players will have a few fun things to look forward to! Enjoy your bats and your elixirs, and have a spooktacular time in the spiral this Halloween season, wizards!


Seth Koenig

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