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Wizard101: Empyrea Part Two Goes Live

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Wizard101's third arc has taken quite a few twists and turns since its start in Polaris, but now players get to see how it all ends in Empyrea Part Two. Having played through most of the new update on the test realm, I will say that I'm pretty impressed with it. I know it's impossible to please everyone in a gaming community, but Empyrea Part Two has a lot going for it. For starters, Empyrea Part Two shows how much this game has grown over 10 years. It's absolutely stunning. To get a quick aerial tour of the new areas, check out this fly-cam video KingsIsle put out last week. It shows off all the amazing views that this new update has to offer.

On a personal level, I was pleasantly surprised by just how many Batbots I ran into in Empyrea Part Two. Those of you who know me pretty well know exactly what I'm talking about. For those who don't - let's just say that I had an interesting encounter with Batbot last year while questing Empyrea Part One. It was a tough battle, I went in blind, and then I had to try some creative techniques to get through the fight. Seeing all the different variations of Batbot this time around reminded me of that moment and I couldn't help but smile.

During your adventures in Empyrea Part Two, you'll be able to learn a brand new spell.  All of the new spells are based off of the school trees in Ravenwood and are 11 pips. Additionally, if certain conditions are met, casters have the opportunity to double the amount of damage (or heals) that the spell normally does.

  • Scion of Fire (Rank 11): Deals 1200 Fire Damage | x2 if target has 6+ Traps. Cleanse all traps from enemy if x2 condition is met.
  • Scion of Ice (Rank 11): Deals 1100 Ice Damage | x2 if caster has 90%+ HP.
  • Scion of Storm (Rank 11): Deals 1275 Storm Damage | x2 if the target has no charms.
  • Scion of Myth (Rank 11): Deals 1150 Myth damage | x2 if target is Stunned or caster has 3+ Stun Blocks. Remove Stun block if x2 condition is met.
  • Scion of Life (Rank 11): Heals 1100 to target + 300 Heal Over-Time to all allies | x2 heal & heal over-time if target is 25% HP or Less.
  • Scion of Death (Rank 11): Deals 975 Death damage and returns 1/2 to HP | x2 damage if target or caster has 33% HP or Less.
  • Scion of Balance (Rank 11): Deals 1125 Balance damage | x2 damage if caster has 6+ Blades. Clear remaining blades if x2 condition is met.


At a certain point in the storyline, you'll be introduced to a new activity called Whirlyburly. You're only required to play one match (win or lose) to progress to the next part of the story, but Whirlyburly is ultimately meant to be a side activity like PvP or the pet derby. The more you invest into it, the better you'll become. You'll also have the opportunity to unlock special rewards.

The Gist

Whirlyburly is a 3 player competition that revolves around capturing enemy spaces and pieces. Each player controls 3 different types of pieces: chargers, hunters, and scrappers. Scrappers capture chargers, chargers capture hunters, and hunters capture scrappers. Got it? Good. For a more in-depth guide on Whirlyburly and potential strategies, be sure to check out Swordroll's post here. He did a fantastic job explaining everything.

Extra Goodies

KingsIsle loves to throw in extra excitement whenever a new update goes live. In addition to what was on the test realm, a new pet and two new mounts also made their way into the game. The pet is an adorable (and slightly creepy) mushroom appropriately named "Fun Guy." The two mounts allow players to ride a soaring batbot through the air. The only difference between the two is the coloring.

If you're eager to level up to 130 and boldly explore Empyrea Part Two, take a look at the update notes here. What are you most excited about?


Vanessa Mythdust