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Wizard101 - Bring on 2019

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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With all the eggnog now thoroughly sipped and Santa Claus back at the North Pole, it’s time to start thinking about what 2019 will hold. I know the Wizard101 community is still hoping for a 7th character slot and a renaming feature (among countless other things) as far as in-game additions go, but today I wanted to focus on my more personal 2019 game ambitions. As productive as 2018 was for my personal life, the amount of time and work involved really put my game time through the wringer. There’s still a lot that I want to explore and improve upon in this upcoming year.

1. Update my Derby Pets

This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile! The Decade Dragon pet introduced in July came with a brand new derby ability - Ultra Hurry. Previously this ability was only available on pet jewels. With the ability now able to be manifested, all sorts of cool and new derby super pets are possible. In order to stay up to date, I really need to start working on updating some of my current derby pets.

2. Try PvP again?

You know, the reason I got so into pet derby was to obtain the ever so shiny “Pet Warlord” badge. I’d absolutely love a “PvP Warlord” badge to match. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t say I’m a natural in the art of PvP. Some lessons and advice from Eric Stormbringer helped a lot, but I stalled at around Veteran or Knight rank last time I gave it a go.

3. Have Healthy Plants Again

Mega snacks are a huge part of pet training and I admit that sometimes I completely forget to check my plants. They’ve been sitting in my Red Barn Farm for ... quite some time. Much longer than I’d care to admit. In 2019, I should really go and check on them more often. I could use those extra mega snacks to level up my updated derby pets.

4. More Exploring!

The introduction of Photomancy allowed players to experience the game from never-before-seen perspectives. To give you a small taste of what’s possible, check out Swordroll’s post here. The Wizard City revamp really made me appreciate how much of a big difference small details can make. Although I tend to stick to the areas where quests and other tasks take me, I really want to delve deeper and see the spiral in a different light.

5. Actually Attempt to Understand Whirlyburly

When I completed Whirlyburly on both test realm and live realm, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing. Whirlyburly has become much more intuitive since the first time I encountered it, but there’s still a great deal that I don’t fully understand. Before I completely look past it, I think I want to take the time to try and understand it. Maybe then I’d actually have a bit more fun playing it. We’ll see what happens!

I’m eager to see what kind of additions KingsIsle has planned for 2019. Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to complete my small to-do list before anything major drops. If not, well, I’m sure that list will only get longer.


Vanessa Mythdust