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Wizard101: Bring Back In-Game Contests

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Almost every MMO has a time period between updates where players start to get a bit antsy. For me, it’s most noticeable on Wizard101 Central and the Message Boards. Whenever there’s a big update coming and teasers are rolling out, there’s a surge of activity and this overall sense of excitement overtakes the community. Once the update hits test realm, guides start popping up, discussions blossom, and constructive criticism starts to take place. After that though, things slowly start to halt. Friends who I used to see online all the time start logging in less frequently. It becomes a waiting game. After all, everyone plays the game for different reasons. Some just like the story, and others want to “complete” the adventure by collecting all the badges as well as participating in the side activities. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in this community for 6 years. It’s not as long as some others, but it’s still a decent amount. Through those 6 years I’ve seen the game change and the community evolve. People like to debate whether the evolution has been for better or worse, but I think it’s a bit greyer than that. Wizard101 is so much more than what it used to be. Additions like jewel sockets and quest finder have actually become quite essential. At the same time, that doesn’t mean I don’t miss certain elements of days past. 

For those who were playing at the time, 2015 was a pretty cool year. Jewel socketing made its introduction, sought-after gear could be found in ultra dungeons, and the players welcomed the beginning of the third arc with open arms. However, the beginning of frequent in-game contests/tournaments is something that, in my opinion, disappeared all too quickly. 

Just look at all the interaction that 2015 provided for players of both games.

All of these events took place in-game and gave players something to do while they waited for more content. Of course, the biggest incentive for participating was the crown rewards, but having a dedicated weekend activity was extremely awesome. It got the community involved and hyped, even for just a short time. Sadly, KingsIsle doesn’t seem to run these types of contests too often anymore.

Granted, I don’t actually know how difficult it is for employees to look up the data involved for each event, but if KingsIsle was interested in bringing this format back more frequently, it’d open up so many doors. It could potentially even shine a spotlight on the less populated and appreciated aspects of the game such as gardening, monstrology, or dare I say ... derby? Any drop, any activity - if the stats could theoretically be looked up, a contest could be made out of it. 

I know fansite contests are usually running, but very rarely do they encourage hopping in-game. In fact, most seem to be raffles or require some sort of artistic skill such as drawing, sculpting, or graphic design. As fun as those are, balancing them out with more in-game challenges might not be a bad idea. 

What do you guys think? Do you remember the old 2015 contests? Share your thoughts below. 


Vanessa Mythdust