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Wizard101: A Hi, a Bye, and a Little Pi

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Pi is something that has always fascinated me. It's a number that goes on forever in a seemingly random fashion. Everyone knows the first three numbers are 3.14, but where it goes from there and where it eventually ends up well ... that's a mystery to most. It's hard to believe, but I've been writing here at MMORPG for a little over three years. Having just toured the KingsIsle office for my first time back in the summer of 2015, I was the perfect person to do a teaser article for the chilly Wizard101 world that was yet to come - Polaris.

It's funny, when I wrote that article, I fully expected it to be a one and done. The thought of posting on a legitimate gaming website like MMORPG.com just once made me happy, and boy did I not want to disappoint. I poured my entire soul into that article because I wanted to make it perfect. To my surprise, I received an offer to permanently write for MMORPG.com on a volunteer basis just a day after my article had been published. What I gathered from that was either the site was in DESPERATE need for a Wizard101 writer, or I had really impressed them with my content. I've convinced myself it was the latter for the past three years, but hey, I suppose it worked out either way. All I know for sure is, both Bill and Suzie decided to take a chance on a starry-eyed 18 year old who had just started her freshman year of college. I'm not sure I'd have the experience or opportunities I do today if they never did.

Throughout my three years here, I've done a lot of things that I'm extremely proud of. 

Most importantly though, I've grown. In fact, sometimes I look back on my old articles and cringe - internally brainstorming ways I could better rewrite those articles today. Now that I'm a college senior who's getting ready to graduate in a few weeks, I've decided to open up a new chapter and continue my growth by exploring new and exciting avenues elsewhere. I'm not quite ready to share the details yet, but let's just say that I'm beyond ready for life after graduation. I've already secured an apartment, I went furniture shopping, and now I just need that shiny diploma to make everything official.

Did you know that since pi is an irrational number, it's impossible to pinpoint its exact value? That's how I feel about leaving MMORPG and why it's so bittersweet. I can't begin to describe how much this opportunity has meant to me, just that I'm thankful for having it and know that it will live on and impact me forever. 

To bring this journey full circle (pun COMPLETELY intended), I wanted to pass the MMORPG Wizard101 column torch onto someone else. After all, this all started when someone gave this opportunity to me, and it's only fitting that it ends with me giving that opportunity to another passionate player. With that, I'm very happy to announce that Seth, or SeffersTM as he's known in the Wizard101 community, will be taking over the Wizard101 gig here. He's been writing about KingsIsle games on a variety of fansites since 2014, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he'll cook up for the MMORPG community.

Here's a little introduction from Seth himself: "Hello to everyone, Seth here! First, I would like to thank Kayly for passing on the mighty torch; she’s done a wonderful job over the years and has made some amazing and constructive articles on the games. Also, a big thank you to MMORPG for giving me this spectacular opportunity! I am beyond thrilled to continue on here at MMORPG.

Some may know me as Seffus, or by SeffersTM, or just simply Seth, but I’ve been playing Wizard101 since early 2009! Over the years, I’ve had the honor of being a part of several sites, but I'm mostly known for being a writer and editor for Duelist101! I strive to continue on the fun and honest viewpoints and to supply exciting content for all Wizard101 and KingsIsle fans to read!"

Quite literally passing the torch.

I trust that future Wizard101 articles are in capable hands. Thanks again to everyone who has ever read my articles (even just one!), supported me, or even given me feedback. It's really made a difference. If any of you are interested in my future plans or want to contact me, feel free to follow me on Twitter. Much like pi, I'm off to discover the unknown. The possibilities? Infinite.

-Kayly (Vanessa Mythdust)


Vanessa Mythdust