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Wizard101: 5 Spooky Spiral Locations

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Halloween might be two weeks away, but Wizard101's parties are happening all month long. Though in-game meet-ups are typically held in castles or popular world hubs, I thought I'd share some more uncommon "spooky" spiral locations that could work as event backdrops.

The Death Tower

Though not as popular as Nightside's exterior, the Death Tower is still a classic event meeting location. Nothing screams Halloween or fear quite like the death school. The area is pretty small though, so just be prepared. I think it's a shame that the school towers really aren't used for much. I'd love to see more wizards taking advantage of them.

Newgate Prison

A highlight of Halloween is dressing up and pretending to be someone you're not ... just for a day. If you're always the hero, maybe it's time to play the criminal? Surrounded by ghosts, prison cells, and guards, Newgate Prison sets an eerie mood. It's perfect for a spooky meet-up.

The Elephant Graveyard

Harnessing the dead is not nearly as terrifying as seeing it for yourself. In the Elephant Graveyard, you're quite literally in the middle of a cemetery. Tombstones line the area and Queen Elissa's Tomb is the main "attraction." Brave wizards might find the area suitable for a frightening festivity.

The Shadow Palace

Morganthe's lair is as dark as they come. I mean, it IS called the Shadow Palace. Home to the spider queen herself, The Shadow Palace is crawling with unfriendly creatures who are just dying to see the end of you. Not to mention that there's also a menacing Doom Tree named Moros. Events at this location could possibly turn into a Morganthe farming spree. You never know when she might be in the amulet giving mood.

Lake Shore

Lake Shore is one of the most memorable areas in the game to me. The atmosphere changes as you progress through the zone. While you start in a bright and cheery area, you quickly run into the darker and more frightening parts of your adventures.  Black Annie's hut alone could give you a few nightmares. Houses with legs in purple glop? No thanks. Pretty cool place for a Halloween event though.

So, what locations do you think could serve as a nice Halloween backdrop for an in-game event? Drop your opinion in the comments below.


Vanessa Mythdust