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Wizard Origins: Who Am I?

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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As Wizard101 quickly approaches its 10 year anniversary, one mystery all the way from 2008 still remains unsolved. Who the heck are we and where did we come from? If you recall, the game opens with a bewildered Headmaster Ambrose and Gamma looking into a crystal ball. They claim that they've finally found someone who can potentially save Wizard City ... someone who comes from a world that doesn't even believe in magic. Then whoosh. Ambrose is talking directly to you and guiding you on your new journey. Well, hold on a second. Is it just me, or did the game just glaze over our entire origin story?!

Soooo are we from Earth?

Based on Ambrose's dialogue, it certainly seems like it's implied. I know plenty of players have crafted their own origin stories from existing spiral worlds, and though they are extremely creative and awesome, I'm not sure they fit the game's given narrative. If our wizard had roots in places like Grizzleheim, Dragonspyre, or Marleybone I think we'd certainly have a belief in magic. All of the worlds have magical elements to them (like a spiral door) and have street enemies/thugs that use spells to fight. In order to fit Ambrose's vague description, I think we'd need to come from a world far away from the spiral. But is that Earth? Or a completely unknown world in a galaxy that we haven't even heard of?

How did Ambrose convince us to come and help Wizard City?

Convincing someone that magic exists is no easy task. Just ask Emma Swan. If we came from a world that didn't believe in magic, how in the spiral did Ambrose manage to convince us to attend a magic school? And how did he contact us in the first place? Phone? Email? Magical hologram? Crystal ball? Even so, dropping everything in response to what a complete stranger tells us doesn't seem like the smartest thing to do. Especially when that stranger is going on and on about magic, doom, and you being "the savior."

What was our life like prior to magical shenanigans?

Assuming that our life was somewhat decent, I think it'd be hard for us to just leave everything behind. Surely we had friends and family back on our home world? Or maybe we didn't? Is that why Ambrose was able to so easily convince us to come to Wizard City's aid? It's never been explained, but it's certainly something I've thought about.

Did we even come to Wizard City willingly?

Do you ever find it odd how nobody in the spiral asks about our past? It's like it doesn't exist. I know it's a far-fetched idea, but who knows ... maybe Ambrose was desperate. Bringing us to Wizard City and erasing any memory of our past life would be a very efficient way to create the savior that the spiral needed. It's not like Ambrose had a lot of other options at the time.

Though I would love for at least some of these questions to be answered eventually, I do find it kind of neat how one of the game's biggest mysteries was planted right from the beginning. Who knows - maybe that was intentional. Maybe part of the fun is making up your own story and seeing how well it fits. Maybe some mysteries are meant to be left unsolved.


Vanessa Mythdust