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Wish List - Fun FFXIV Addons!

Victor Barreiro Jr. Posted:
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If you haven't heard, addons are quite the thing for some major MMORPGs. Many World of Warcraft players swear by the added functionality of addons, such that Blizzard has chosen to incorporate some of their features into the game.

With FFXIV though, that doesn't seem to be the case. While the game is expected to have addons in the future, there aren't actually any addons for the game that are directly supported, unless you consider overlays that track combat statistics.

The game itself has one of the more fully-functional and customizable User interfaces and systems that I know of, but every good system is always worth upgrading or tweaking in some way.

With that, I do have a wish list of addons that I'd like Square Enix in the future to support. Whether it's by allowing third party addons or by Square Enix introducing its own addon support for optional extras, here's 5 ideas that I'd like implemented into the game.

Combat parsing

Perhaps the most out-in-the-open addon is a combat tracking and parsing overlay whose name I won't mention outright. Quietly used by players as a means of understanding and bettering their damage outputs, combat parsers also unfortunately serve the dual purpose of encouraging DPS envy in certain circles.

With the game devs forcing players to be more quiet about such third-party addons, we may see more civility when it comes to using a supported version of a combat parser in the future... or we could just devolve into DPS-loving crazylancers.

UI Reskinning support

I think being able to change how the user interface looks would be a nice change of pace for FFXIV.

Even if it isn't an unofficial support mod, I'd like the ability to change the fonts and the window colors. Maybe we could even have a Final Fantasy XV-themed UI reskin?

Quest Notes, Map Notes, just NOTES!

Quest and map notation would be another addon I'd love to have. While we can always do this on a separate window or on notepad, having tips and tricks and reminders handy would be a great quality of life addition.

For me, I'd use it during a game hiatus and return, where I'd just store my rotations for crafting so I can pull them up for later use.

Enhanced Glamour Interface

Finally, for those playing Fashion Fantasy XIV, glamorization is where it’s at, and while it's simple enough to do on a daily basis, I'd love to have an easier way to keep track of and manage my glamours.

I propose a mobile dressing room as an option or purchase-able item that can be used to alter your glamours or access the aesthetician from anywhere in the world.

Do you have your own wish list of addons for FFXIV? Do you think FFXIV is perfect as it is? Let me know in the comments!

Also, don't forget that on Sunday, May 22, Square Enix will be holding its 30th Letter from the Producer Live, with previews of Patch 3.3! Special guest Natsuko Ishikawa joining producer Naoki Yoshida to answer questions about some of the scenario questlines, so please look forward to it!



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