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Will Competitive Gaming Take Away Our Single Player Fun?

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MMOs have always been a ground for creativity. All of the competitive games you see today: SMITE, Overwatch, League of Legends, and so forth have their roots in MMORPGs. This style of game has now become an esport and more investors are getting involved each year. You hear stories of EA shutting down studios over single player games, and begin to ask, are my solo adventures coming to an end? 

EA Shuts Down Visceral Games 

This news was a surprise. However, it is sad that an amazing single player Star Wars experience is out there and no one will ever get to play it. EA has made its share of poor decisions these past few months and this is one of them. Everyone wants games with an online aspect to them. While that is great for MMOs, it takes away from solid single player experiences without any noise. This news is just sad, but then again it is EA and, well, we should not be surprised.

The Rise of Esports

Esports is dominating the gaming landscape. Investors are looking to build leagues and major brands are trying to find ways to reach the 13-25 year old demographic. They don’t have many ways to target younger fans, but games and esports is a solid win all the way around. To that end, you are starting to see more games designed specifically as esports. Overwatch for sure has had an esport in its DNA from launch. That is okay though as Blizzard and Starcraft are the pillars on which esports was founded. 

With all the news and attention esports is getting, it takes away from games that create an amazing single player experience. Funny enough in 2014-2015 you had games like Fallout and The Witcher winning Game of the Year awards left and right. Here we are just 2 years later and whoosh, studios are being closed at the thought of creating a single player game.

MMOs Can have Both

Many times, you do not want other people in your sandbox. Even in MMOs sometimes you want to adventure alone. As MMO players we like options. A game like Destiny 2 does offer both single player, multi-player, and PvP in a very solid format. You can choose what to do.

Competitive gaming can also drive you crazy. If you play a ton of Overwatch or League, try sleeping soon after a loss? You won’t. Games are supposed to be relaxing and a break from the real world. However, when you add in constant competition, even though it is for fun, it becomes intense.

There is still a huge need for the fun and exciting single player game out there. Bethesda is known for their amazing worlds and Skyrim is a perfect example of a single player experience that is truly unforgettable. Here is hoping that games do not just fall into a competitive format for the future. As much as those games are great fun, there is so much to still play out there that will take your mind off of everyday woes and bring you joy without a high level of competition. 


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