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When Games Inspire: The Wildest Hunt

Robin Baird Posted:
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Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt not only served as a final chapter in CD Projekt Red’s telling of Geralt’s tory but it also introduced the characters and setting to millions more people than the previous games had. As a result, it’s hardly surprising to find there is no shortage of Witcher 3 Fan Art and cosplay. Here are some of the best I have found.

First up is gorgeous portraits of Triss, Ciri, and Yen by Raikoart. You can find more of his art on Deviant Art, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Next up, how about some family portraits featuring Geralt, Yen, and Ciri by Shalizeh. Take a look at her Deviant Art page to see even more of her incredible art.

Our last Fan Art selections are from atutcha and again feature Triss, Ciri, and Yennifer. Check out her Deviant Art, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram pages for even more of her art.

Cosplay this week is done by Vera Zaitceva who is from Russia and goes by the nickname of Ver1sa. She has a few different Witcher 3 cosplays and some team-ups with other people but her cosplay of Ciri and Yen were just incredible. You can see more of her cosplays on Deviant Art and definitely check out her Patreon page.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with Fan Creations inspired by Zelda.


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