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When Games Inspire: The Overwatch Edition

Robin Baird Posted:
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Overwatch has exploded onto the scene and in a little under a month is already boasting 10million players. Even though Overwatch has only been out about a month fans have been hard at work creating ever since the game was first announced; which makes this a great time to start looking at some of the incredible creations out there.

First up this week is Nakanoart who’s been on Deviant Art for 13 years… which, I mean I didn’t even know Deviant Art existed 13 years ago. Her Overwatch art coveys a lightheartedness and a general sense of joy which feels like it encapsulates the heart of the Overwatch universe. Aside from Deviant Art you can find more of her art on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.



I actually stumbled upon Drake Tsui, aka Quirkilicious, quite by accident this week when I was looking at some Cowboy Bebop fan art. His art is very obviously influenced by anime, but he also has his own style which he has melded beautifully in his Overwatch character portraits. Also if you like his style you might be interested in giving his original comic/manga SIN a try.


The last artist I wanted to share with you this week is Andrew Tran, aka Doctaword, who has taken Overwatch fan art in a completely different direction and melded it with Dark Souls; the result is truly intriguing art. You can find more of his art on his website.



For cosplay this week I found a really incredible Widowmaker cosplay by cutiepiesensei.  You can find more of her cosplays on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.


Since Overwatch doesn’t have its lore presented in game Blizzard has been making various parts of the lore available out of game through a series of animated shorts. If somehow you’ve missed these checkout Dragons. The reason I bring this up is a couple of weeks ago Callegos-Y posted a D.Va video which seems like it could have come directly from Blizzard themselves.

That’s it for this week, I’ll be back in two weeks with some Dragon Age fan creations.


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