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What's Your Most Wanted Game in 2017?

William Murphy Posted:
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It's been an insane year for non-MMO releases. There have been more "Game of the Year" candidates in the first 8 months than any year I can remember. But it's been decidedly slower in the MMO and "almost" MMO world. We've had some bright spots, but the bulk of what I'm personally waiting for is coming in the next three months. So let's hear it... what games are on your must play list for the remainder of 2017?

My big bright spot in MMO gaming so far this year has been Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. It delivered, plain and simple. The only thing that was a slight letdown was its length. Thankfully, even after several hundred hours in Tamriel, I still have plenty of other content to do between DLCs with my Warden. I've also enjoyed Conan Exiles this year, Secret World Legends, Path of Exile, Marvel Heroes, and even World of Warcraft. 

I've dabbled in Albion, the alphas for Legends of Aria (formerly shards), and Neverwinter. I've dabbled in MXM, Black Desert, Diablo 3, Dark and Light, and Citadel. I even got over my dread of the combat and loved me some FFXIV for a while. I've recently played Dauntless, enjoyed it, but know it needs lots more work to be "complete". Then, of course, there's the Switch and all its console glory that has dominated my time, but that's another story for another site.

Nothing outside of two games have stuck with me over the course of 2017 - Elder Scrolls Online, and Guild Wars 2. My stalwarts. So for me, this fall is all about two things in existing MMOs - ESO's Clockwork City Update, and Guild Wars 2: Path of Flame. Neither can come soon enough, and I've seen enough of the PoF expansion for Tyria to know that it's an experience I'll gladly sign up for again. 

Gimme, gimme - Clockwork City in ESO.

But are there any new games worth watching in the next few months? Well, depending on who you are, you're going to be itching for October 24th and the PC release of Destiny 2. I played enough of Destiny 1 to know I enjoyed the lore and the universe it created, but I'm not a console player at heart. I want my shooters on mouse and keyboard, and Destiny 2 plays so, so well on the PC. I can't wait for October 24th, and I hope this release echoes the major improvements House of Wolves brought to Destiny 1 and then some.

Lest we forget, we also have Mu Legend which looks like an improved Devilian, and the closest we'll get to Lineage Eternal or Lost Ark for at least another year. I'm also foolishly getting amped for Crowfall and Camelot Betas, though I expect both games won't actually release until 2018 now. Crowfall especially seems to be really taking shape, while Camelot quietly builds steam. Chronicles of Elyria, Pantheon, and Ashes of Creation are all too far away to get really excited about. 

It's been an odd year in the MMO world. More and more games add "MMO-like" features, but fewer and fewer games are what one would truly call an MMORPG. It's a reality we have to live with, while we wait for someone else to bring something new to the table. In the meantime, I'll gladly keep playing great older games that keep doing things right like ESO and GW2. But don't get me wrong, I'm still creeping on Crowfall, New World, and all the rest to see who's going to strike gold first for the next generation of online worlds.


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