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What To Do at Level 20 in Destiny 2

Damien Gula Posted:
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You’ve completed the Campaign mode, all that’s left to do is sit back and bask in the light of the Traveler, right? Oh, no buck-o. Strap yourself in because Destiny 2’s end-game is filled with some very rewarding gameplay even after the dust settles. In this article, we’re going to answer the question burning in everyone’s mind: What do I do at the end of Destiny 2?

Thar be spoilers ahead, matey, so consider yerself warned!

So far, I have been impressed by Bungie’s dedication to providing an end-game experience that contains a myriad of options for different play styles. At end-game, the question isn’t so much “What do I do at the end of Destiny 2?” but, “What do I enjoy doing in Destiny 2?

In the words of the Isley Brothers’ classic: “It’s your thing… do whatcha wanna do!” (@Bungie’s Month 1 plan for Destiny 2.)

Continue the Narrative: Mission, Quest, Thing…

After completing the Campaign, several new quests appear on the maps, progressing the story and making room for new content to drop. Revisiting a planet offers further character development of the Field Commanders and new quests to shoot your way through.

Challenges: Daily and Weekly 

Whether it’s trying your hand in the Crucible, mowing down a couple Strike Missions, checking out patrol missions, participating in in-game events, or hunting down and eradicating specific enemy types, Challenges offer daily and weekly quests which offer Legendary rewards.

Treasure Hunting: Finding Cayde’s Odds ’n End

By the end of the game, everyone’s favorite snarky loot-hoover is feeling generous. What was once his stuff, is now your stuff… if you can track it down! Cayde-6 sells treasure maps to his stashes with highly characteristic hints about where he left them. Let’s hope none of them contain any moldy ramen!

Replay a Mission

This isn’t necessary a new feature to Destiny, but it’s one that I appreciate. Perhaps there was a heroic moment that you want to recapture or you just miss Failsafe’s chipper-then-sarcastic whit. A visit to Ikora will put you on the right path to step back in time and play it again.

Strikes and Upcoming Raids 

Great experiences are better in a group. There is nothing quite like sharing that cooperative experience of taking down some big baddies and grabbing some sweet, sweet rewards together. Rather than Strikes happening along the course of the Campaign, Strikes happen in mid-game. Bungie is also set to incrementally release raids for a larger party of high level Guardians. The first raid, Leviathan, drops Wednesday, September 13th.

Shake Down Shaxx 

Lord knows that Shaxx likes himself a good, old fashion beatdown. Even as the City is burning, he is jonesing to get you into the Crucible. If PvP is your thing, there is plenty of it to engage in during the end game. 

Upgrading Gear: Less Grind, More Loot

Let’s get real here. We LOVE loot. Destiny 2 is chalk full of ways to get loot quickly. Each planet has a specific currency and collectable turn-in item… and they drop from EVERYTHING! Chests? Check. High value targets? Double check. Public events? Sometimes multiple. The beauty of this system is that as you level, the rewards level with you - at least to power level 260.

(Quick tip: grab a fist full of Scout Reports from Cayde-6 before going out on the field. This item with make treasure chests appear on your radar when they are near your location.)

So far, it looks like there is a fare bit to do in the end game without it getting grindy. We will see over time how it holds up.

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Until next time, I’ll see ya starside!


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