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What Stirs Beneath?

David North Posted:
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ArenaNet is using an ever expanding story to constantly evolve and change the world in Guild Wars 2.  The Living Story started off a few months ago with a story arc called “The Flame & Frost.”  It has caused changes in the world, from new dynamic events, to NPCs traveling the harsh winters and war torn lands.  New characters have even made an appearance, requesting the help of players to fight back against the new deadly threat, the Molten Alliance!

The “Flame & Frost” story arc is coming to a close, with its final chapter right around the corner.  A lot has happened in the most current chapter, “The Razing.” Players met a brave Norn by the name Braham, and Charr named Rox.  Players were tasked with quests to help each character tackle a major encounter with the Molten Alliance, the deadly team up between the Flame Legion and the Dredge.

While these quests both gave some hints to what may happen in the next chapter, the real meaty clues come from the many dead drops scattered throughout the Shiverpeaks and Ascalon.  For those who don’t know much about the dead drops, they are bits of information stored on a special device created by the Order of Whispers.  Their agent has infiltrated the Molten Alliances ranks, offering valuable info that may help the Norn and Charr forces.

Some dead drops hold some funny info, telling us that the Molten Alliance eats some really crappy food.  Others offer a much more disturbing look at what’s going on within their ranks.  One piece of info tells us that something else is in the deep depths of Tyrian soil.  Not much is said as to what terrible things the agent sees, but it sure is fun to speculate!  I thought that maybe the agent could be hinting at a new underground race, much like the Asura.  But what if we are dealing with a Karka-like group of creatures!  They could pop out of the caverns once we confront the Molten Alliance in their drilled tunnels.  Just think, if the Molten Alliance had never formed this new threat would have never been an issue.

Have the Dredge and Flame Legion unearthed a great and powerful evil in the dark depths of the earth?

Another dead drop talks more about why the Flame Legion and the Dredge teamed up.  The agent can’t seem to see a real reason why.  He just says it’s not from desperation or Primordus.  So why?  Once again I point towards the info of something else being underground.  If you think about it, the Flame Legion and Dredge have a lot in common.  Both of their military power comes from elements underneath the surface.  Some creature, or creatures, may be stopping them from calling on those elements.  That would be a cause for both of them to join up, and gain control of their powers and resources once again.

Let’s move onto the next bit of info.  We know that the two are creating new types of weaponry.  The Flame Legion is sharing their command over flames and fire, and the Dredge has begun outfitting Flame Legion with new weapons and armor. By fusing the two together, they are creating new threats to players and the people of Tyria.  To make matters worse, they are testing these new weapons on prisoners!  New machines for war are also being developed.  Some machine called the Kom-Pew scared the Whispers agent.  War machines aren’t used too often.  I believe that whatever the Molten Alliance is getting ready to fight, it must be pretty big.

Testing Notes: Here we see weapons test subject 117. Race Charr. Gender: Male. The weapon seems to shrink the Charr into adorable kittens wearing suits and hats.

Call me crazy all you want.  I believe the “Flame & Frost” storyline will end with a new, more menacing threat.  A threat of giant lava monsters!  The progression in the Molten Alliances strength has been incredibly swift, and so far the only way we factor in is by being test subjects for their weapons.  Also take into account that the land itself seems to be upset.  Geysers are bursting through the ground, causing severe changes in the weather.  Something beneath us is angry, and will soon come to the surface!  I could be wrong.  I could be reading way too much into what little info we have.  I can’t help myself.  The next chapter,“Retribution,” is right around the corner.  But the Living Story is really heating up, and I’m just dying to know what’s in store.

What do you think will happen in the next chapter of The Living Story?  Why do you think the Flame Legion and Dredge came together to form the Molten Alliance?  Tell us your theories in the comments below.

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