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What If Professions Received New Weapon Proficiencies?

David North Posted:
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The professions of Guild Wars 2 utilize powerful weapons to bring down their enemies. ArenaNet has armed each profession with a wide selection of these weapons to choose from, giving players a handful of strategic possibilities. But what if each profession was given some new choices?  That is, after all, what Colin Johanson said was coming down the pipe in an interview with our own Bill Murphy. Which profession should gain access to which weapon?

This is something I've thought about since the release of the game, and judging by past forum posts, I'm not the only one. We all play with our current favorite weapons equipped, but still dream of using different ones. I know some Necromancers are jealous of the Mesmers yielding greatswords. Thieves might feel a little left out having no use for scepters. Sure some players want some very strange weapon combinations, but anything can happen.

The Guardian is a very popular profession, not just for its heavy armor, but because it can use a huge variety of weapons. They can choose to confront their enemy face to face, or zap them from afar with magic. While already possessing the ability to attack at long range, I still think they should be able to use a shortbow.  I typically use a hammer on my Guardian. Even though it's a physical damage type weapon, the Guardian is able to channel magic through it, and it looks awesome! Why wouldn't they be able to do the same with an arrow? Just think about how cool the effects would look!

Guardian light arrows!

Ok that first one is just based on visuals, but this next one could be done to add in some cool new tactics.  A lot of players would love to see the Thief gain a greatsword, but I think a shield would be a better fit. I understand the Thief is all about dodging enemies attacks, and keeping themselves out of harms way. But what happens when you bite off more then you can chew? I can see the Thief doing some great things with a shield, by using it not just for defense, but also as a weapon. They could throw it to strike several enemies, bash it on an enemy’s head to stun them, or even use the shield to parry attacks! Though it's defensive, the Thief could turn it into the perfect offense.

The Elementalist is already a very powerful profession, but for me, playing them isn't very exciting. I think the shield would change that. Currently the profession is very aggressive, but has a hard time taking a hit. I think the Elementalist can use the shield to channel energy, and use it to strike back at enemies when they themselves are struck. Imagine a sword striking their shield and then a wave of water rushes out pushing back enemy forces! Or a hammer striking a shield, only to conduct an electrical shock to its wielder, stunning them long enough for the Elementalist to retaliate. With the shield, an Elementalist could gain control of their enemies, giving them a new role to play in a group.

Necromancers also wield magic, but can be proficient with some close range weapons. Currently they use axes and daggers, still conducting energy through them to strike outside of their enemies’ reach. Now I know everyone wants me to say greatsword, but I'm going to go with the hammer. Just picture in your mind a Necromancer smashing the ground, shattering the earth which allows a new type of minion to crawl its way out. The hammer strikes could also lay down new marks offering new boons to allies, or conditions to enemies.   They could even trigger on minions, causing them to do new attacks.  There is also the satisfying squish from smashing in skulls that I think Necromancers would truly appreciate.

This would be an awesome way to summon a minion.

The last addition I would love to see is the Ranger gaining the rifle. The ranger already has plenty of long range capabilities, but I think they could unlock the full potential of the rifle. I see Rangers being the most precise with the weapon. Not only would they hit weak areas of armor to cause bleeding, but getting head shots that hit a helm, rattling the targets skull which dazes them. Perhaps a mechanic could be added requiring the player to hold in a skill key to do more damage with the attack. This simulates taking aim, or just firing off quick hip shots. It could also add a much needed challenge for more skilled players.

It's very possible that we will see profession using new weapons in the future. At the moment I'm sure we've all got our favorite weapon, but we still wouldn't mind trying something new. Adding new weapons may also make some of the weaker utility skills stronger.  It could also open the gate for new ones to be added. There would also be some great new weapon combinations, which just adds to the possibilities. Either way, players need more skills to try out, and giving everyone some new weapon options may be the perfect way to start things off.  

What weapons would you like your favorite profession to have?  Let us know in the comments below.

David North / David North is a freelance writer for MMORPG.com.  David loves to play and makes games, but now he writes about them!  If you want to creep on him and make fun of his ability to draw, follow him over on twitter @David_the_North.

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