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William Murphy Posted:
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Let’s face it, Destiny 2 is a really good game - that’s also facing some really warranted criticism as of late. The current XP reduction fiasco, the lack of endgame content because they chose to reboot the series rather than add to it, and so on are detracting from the very real fact that Destiny 2 is a damned fine game that plays great on PC. But what can make it better?


One of the more annoying things about Destiny 2 is that so much of the loot/cosmetic game is tied to RNG. I don’t mind the Engram system. I don’t feel the need to spend, get silver, and buy extra engrams.  No need to get rid of it all (issues with XP reduction/increase aside). But I would love to see more focus on earning specific items or sets by completing tasks. Let us work towards a goal without relying on random dice rolls as much.


The Crucible is great fun. But you know what would be more fun? How about some 10v10, 20v20, or dare I dream - 40v40 large scale maps with vehicles and other objectives. There are some amazing fights in the campaign for D2, and I’d love to see them again with real people involved. Heck, throw a third team in there, the dregs or the fallen, and have them work against either team. I know it needs a lore reason, like the Crucible is a “sport” as it were. But if you can basically retcon the whole Light and Darkness thing from Destiny 1, you can make up some reason for the Guardians to go at it over some sort of resource. Make it a sport, too... only bigger.


Come next week, we’ll all gain 10 more levels and the Light Level cap will increase too. But beyond that, Destiny 2 could really use some form of Champion Points / Alternate Advancement / Planar Attunement. Let that XP bar fill up for more than Bright Engrams. 


I don’t really need to much else. As today marks the big stream/talk about what’s to come in Destiny 2, I really hope the team has a clear plan for when PC gamers at the very least will get clan-wide typing chat in-game. It would make the whole social aspect go a lot further.

These are just a few of my wishes. What about you? What would keep you coming back to Destiny 2? What would get you to finally pull the trigger and buy it?


William Murphy

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