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What I Want for Wintersday

David North Posted:
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While I have yet to see any snow, I know it’s a joyful time of year!  As a fan from the original Guild Wars games, I’m used to ArenaNet coming down my chimney and gifting me with cheerful wintry content to play through.  But things are going to be different this year!  This is Guild Wars 2 we are talking about!  It’s bigger and better, meaning the expectations are very high for the second holiday event: Wintersday!

In the original game Wintersday was celebrated with snowball fights with the Grentch, and candy cane swords.  Festive hats, such as reindeer antlers, would be worn around town as the snow danced down to the ground.  It was easy for you and your friends to have some fun, but it always felt like it went by so quickly.  That’s why I’m very happy to see that the event will last for three whole weeks.  Aside from the length of the Wintersday event, we know nothing.  I think I’ve been a good boy this year so I made a Wintersday list of things I hope to see during the event. 

The first thing on my Wintersday list is of course a quest line.  ArenaNet kept the tradition of having a quest line tell the story of Halloween in the last holiday event, so this will probably happen.  But What I really want is for the quest line to end with a neat item just like the Halloween quests did.  Another back item wouldn’t be terrible; perhaps an endless transformation tonic? I don’t care, give me goodies!

I conquered the Mad King’s Clock Tower.  I want another challenge!  I wish for a sweet and festive jumping puzzle to test my skills.  I think a lot of cool features like ice and falling icicles could help add to the challenge.  I’m sure some of you are wondering why I would ask for that kind of torture, but let me finish.  I would like to tackle the jumping puzzle at my own pace.  Some of my Guild mates aren’t very good at the jumping puzzles, so for them to be rushed prevents them from even having a chance.  It’s the season about giving, so let’s give everyone a chance!

We know an Asura named Tixx will be visiting the various cities of Tyria in his traveling toy factory.  Not only do I think that’s a good opportunity for a dungeon, but think of all the new types of fun you could have!  My next wish is for the toy factory to allow me to create my own toy golem soldier to run around with me for a while.  Maybe with the power of candy cane shards, or even karma, players could breathe life into their toys!  Let’s face it, the best toys we all got when we were kids moved on their own and had sounds.

I really hope the toy factory looks like this!

Let’s go back to the idea of the dungeon.  The Halloween event had one, allowing us to smack the Mad King around.  This Tixx guy seems like a pretty nice guy flying around giving everyone toys.  I sure hope that if we do get to run through a dungeon, we get to run around the toy factor fighting along side Tixx.  It would be even better if we got a chance to do that, but while piloting giant toy golems!

I want one!

New weapon skins have worked their way into Guild Wars 2 for an event.  I really like the Halloween skins, but the Lost Shores skins were kind of a let down.  The next thing I want for Wintersday, is for all the new weapon skins to not only be festive, but epic!  I think a lot of people using bows were jealous of the amazing chainsaw great sword skin during Halloween.  Of course, it’s hard to appeal to everyone since there are so many different tastes in weapon design. 

I want snowball fights.  What’s a winter without a good snowball fight every now and then?  This may be a good chance to take part in a new PVP map where players are pitted against each other in epic snowball fights.  Players could build snow fortresses to help take cover from enemy fire, and build snowman soldiers to help push the opposing team back.  While I’m sure there will be some form of snowball fighting, it will be interesting to see what will actually happen. 

The suspense is building as the days draw closer and closer to the Wintersday event.  ArenaNet is getting ready to send Tixx on his way into the world of Guild Wars 2, and all the players are eagerly waiting to see what they get this year.  I’ve been extra good this year keeping all my deadlines and letting noobs join me in all the games I play.  I sure do hope I get some items on my Wintersday list, and that I don’t get a visit from the Grench!

The Grench


David North