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What I Want Beyond 1.6

William Murphy Posted:
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Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not trying to be greedy.  Trion and Rift’s team have been doing an astounding job adding content and features that fans want.  They’re quite possibly the hardest working and most efficient live-game staff out there right now.  Just look at the sheer amount of stuff they’ve added since the game launched in March and tell me different.  Like Rift or hate it, there’s no denying the pace and quality of their added content. 

That said, no one’s perfect.  This week’s column is going to be short and sweet.  1.6 is promising to further revitalize the game’s end-game for those who can’t raid with a whole new zone, oodles of new quests, and in general just a crap-ton more content thrown into the mix.  But what can the game do in 1.7 and beyond to keep itself stalwart and steady into 2012?

More Zones

Yep, I said it.  The Ember Isles is a great addition.  Everything we’ve seen from the PTS is showing some of the team’s best work in the world part of their game to date.  So, naturally, I want more.  The progression on either the Defiant or Guardian side is pretty linear.  It’s a fun trip, but it’s only truly fun the first time.  Maybe this is something they’re considering for an expansion, but I for one hope that there are more zones in the works.  Possibly even the sort that are for the middle and early game.  Just to help making raising an alt that much more interesting. 

More PVP

Some of the most fun I’ve had in Rift is when world PVP gets going.  I know the game’s main focus is the PVE.  I’m not asking Rift to become all about keep sieges or anything.  But if Trion can make the kind of content they’ve been making at this pace, I’d sure like to see what they can do when they make a whole persistent zone dedicated to PVP.  I know it’s not a small task, and hell, I’m probably in the minority… but give me a place to go to bash heads at the max level and make sure it matters in the context of the world and its rewards and I’m there.  Throw in some Rift-themed siege weapons (ever want to control a giant Fire elemental?), and now we’re cooking.  I’ll never even do a dungeon, because that zone would be my home.

Keep Those Chronicles Coming

It seems to be the new hotness.  LotRO’s Skirmish system pioneered it, Rift tried their hand with the Chronicles, and now even WoW has “Scenarios” in their next expansion.  Small group, hot-joinable, story-based content is all the rage.  And why not?  You can do it whenever, with little to no organization, and it doesn’t take a lot of time.  I think I can speak for Suzie here when I say… give me more, please.

Your Thoughts?

I’m just one guy, folks.  What sorts of features or additional content do you want to see in Rift going into the Winter and 2012? Trion’s laid a great base down over the past eight months, but the wheel does keep turning… where will it take us?


William Murphy

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