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What happened last week in Pirate101?

Kelsey Fireheart Posted:
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Last week for Arrrgust in Pirate101, Pirates could redeem the "lostmehand" code for a free Captain's Hook with a rare chance at getting Captain Blood's Hook weapon. The Captain Blood’s Hook is great for pirates who are Level 35 and above. It’s a rare drop from the Miranda dungeon in Cool Ranch.

A Brand New Mount

We also got a new mount in the Crown Shop for 9,000 Crowns… the Pygmy Grey Whale Mount! It’s pretty awesome with constant bubbles being released as you ride this majestic mount. You sure whale have a great time. Get it? Haha.

The Super Crown Sale

Pirates were able to get their hands on super loot, I mean crowns. The Super Crown Sale started on Thursday August 11th through Monday, August 15th at Midnight CST. With this cool sale, you could get 50% Bonus Crowns when purchasing crowns for your Pirate. Perfect time to buy that whale mount, eh?

More To Come…

There are more coming for Pirate101 this week and next week. Remember, Arrrgust is a month long event with something new every week, so stay tuned. Keep up with Pirate101’s Arrrgust events


Kelsey Fireheart