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What Do We Want in 2017?

William Murphy Posted:
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With Housing about to hit Elder Scrolls Online in Homestead next month, and with it pretty resoundingly winning our Player’s Choice award for MMO of the year in 2016, we think it’s time to look ahead to 2017 and what it could bring Tamriel. With every major desire since launch just about added to the game, what could the next 12 months bring ESO? We weigh in with some wants of our own.

MORE WEAPONS (Or More Skills)

The addition of the recent weapon ultimate skills only made me realize how much I wish we had even more ways to expand our characters’ skill pools. Imagine a spear, a melee staff, a scythe? Perhaps a crossbow? Heck, I’d even settle at first for more skills on the existing weapons. What if they split up some weapon types more to have their own skill lines to dig into? Greatsword gets its own, Ice Staff has its own, etc. Bring it on, Zenimax.


I expect this is one of the most likely additions we’ll see come to Homestead in future patches. People love extra things to do outside of combat, and housing is the first big part of that. It’d be great to have a planter in my little shack, or find a big farmstead out in the wild. Hire my own help, fund my own gourmand desires. You know, that sort of thing.

Green acres is the place for me…


There’s a whole lot of meaningful progression in Elder Scrolls Online already. But there are only four classes. I have zero ideas as to what a new class would be, but then I’m not paid to do that. I just know that if there’s one thing MMO players love, it’s trying new classes and complaining when they’re over or underpowered.


I’d love to see a more casual way to engage in PVP added to the game. I know the Cyrodiil is the hardcore player’s cup of tea. But every once in a while I’d like to log into Tamriel and just quickly bash some heads. Dueling is cool and all, but some sort of open world arena, or Guild PVP or something along those lines would be fantastic. Rewards? Sure. But I’d be happy with decent XP from wins, too.

I don’t always need epic siege PVP…


We all got a cryptic end to the story with the recent DLCs and free updates. The Prophet basically left, good ol’ Dumbledore, and told us he’d be back. Well, several DLCs later, loads of side narratives completed… it’s time to get back to what happens to the companions and our dear Prophet now that Molag Bal is toast. Also, let’s get more Sheogorath, please. Dude’s the best.

These are just a few of the things I want to see explored in 2017 within Tamriel. There are a load of areas in the world left unexplored, and plenty of room to expand on the stories of Tamriel.


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