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What Are You Playing During the Outbreak? - May 2020 Edition

Michael Bitton Posted:
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It’s a pretty weird and unsettling time in this world of ours right now. With many of us hunkering down at home, things can get downright boring at times. Fortunately, if you’re someone who enjoys videogames, you likely have a backlog of games to play through or even some new titles to play in the coming days and weeks.

These are some of the titles I’m playing this month.

Legends of Runeterra

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Legends of Runeterra. Even though I was already enjoying the game, I found myself more and more distracted by other things. That all changed last week when Riot officially launched the game alongside the new Rising Tides expansion set. Since then I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of decks and while some old mainstays are still just as viable, there’s plenty of new ideas to play around with and I’m having tons of fun playing the game almost daily.

Old World

Mohawk Games, helmed by Soren Johnson, the designer of both Civilzation III and Civilzation IV, is back with a new title called Old World. A unique mix of Civilization 4X gameplay and the political intrigue of games such as Paradox’s Crusader Kings is something I’ve always wanted, but never expected to get. Old World released into Early Access on EGS this week and I jumped in immediately. While things are early, I’m really digging what I’ve found. If the premise sounds interesting to you, I’d encourage you to check out some streams or videos on YouTube. You can pick up the game 25% off on EGS through 5/14.

Fallout 76

I’m still in the early 40s in Fallout 76, having just completed a set of T-60 Power Armor and I’m finally able to start enjoying my build. Unfortunately, I’m going to need plenty of post 50 levels to complete the build due to the fact that most of the necessary perks only start coming online in the 40s or even at 50, but I plan on continuing to at least finish out the main and side quest content. Will I stick around for “endgame”? That’s hard to say, I guess we’ll find out.

Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 is something I’ve been sort of low key looking forward to for some time now. The latest entry to the venerable Streets of Rage series of side- scrolling beat-em-up games is a great looking game with an amazing soundtrack and gameplay that hits the spot without overcomplicating things. It’s the sort of game I’ll boot up and play for a level at a time, but it’s more fun with a friend.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Harvest season will never be over! I’ve fallen off a bit due to being distracted with all of the aforementioned titles as well as finishing off Final Fantasy VII Remake a couple of weeks ago, but I fully intend to dive back in sometime this month. The developers continue to improve on the game and the mod scene is super active, so there’s always something around the corner to motivate me to check in on Bannerlord.

What are you playing this month? Share your list and thoughts with us below!


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