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What Are You Playing During the Outbreak? - August 2020 Edition

Michael Bitton Posted:
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It’s a pretty weird and unsettling time in this world of ours right now. With many of us hunkering down at home, things can get downright boring at times. Fortunately, if you’re someone who enjoys videogames, you likely have a backlog of games to play through or even some new titles to play in the coming days and weeks.

These are some of the titles I’m playing this month.

What are you playing this month? Share your list and thoughts with us below!

The Last of Us Part II

Believe it or not, I'm still trying to get through TLOU 2. I love the game, but it appears to be a lot longer than I thought it would and I've just had a shortage of time lately. I'm absolutely loving it so far, though!

Horizon Zero Dawn (PC)

Like the TLOU games, I've been unable to enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn on console due to my atrocious controller aim. The issue is actually even more prohibitive in HZD due to the fact striking weak points with a ranged weapon is a huge part of combat. I know HZD has some slow mo tools and such, but I just couldn't enjoy myself. The game is releasing on PC today and while I'm excited to play, I've heard the port is absolutely terrible performance wise, which is a huge letdown. Hopefully some helpful patches are forthcoming.

Legends of Runeterra

I haven't had a whole lot of time to game lately, so I've dipped back into games I can play much more casually, such as Legends of Runeterra. It helps that there's a limited time event going on at the moment and I'm also looking forward to the new region set to drop this month.


Civilization VI

Civ has returned to my playlist this month for the same reasons LoR has. It's an easy game to pick up and put down. OK, well that's not true at all. One more turn syndrome is definitely a thing. However, I can tab back and forth into the game to take turns as I work, so it's more manageable for me when I don't have tons of time. I'm really enjoying the Secret Societies game mode that was recently added to the game as part of the Frontier Pass. If nothing else, the free early governor titles are pretty overpowered.

Ghost of Tsushima

I haven't gotten to this yet, as I still haven't finished TLOU 2. From what I've seen and heard, it's not too bad of a game, but I'm not as hyped as I was for it pre-release. I can enjoy a good open world game, but it sounds like Ghost of Tsushima sticks a little too close to the open world formula, often to its detriment.

Marvel's Avengers

This doesn't release until next month, but I am eager to try out the beta next week. I'm pretty miffed at the whole Spider-Man exclusivity deal and I'm not really sure what the best course of action is there since I prefer to play on PC and Spidey is my favorite Marvel character of all time, but I suppose I can figure that out later.

What are you playing (or planning on playing) this month? Share your list with us in the comments below!


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