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Wayback Wednesday with DAoC Devs

Robert Lashley Posted:
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Last week on Wayback Wednesday we reached the epic conclusion of our Hibernian journey through Dark Age of Camelot. After successful adventures in the Thidranki, Molvick, and Cathal Valley battlegrounds we marched forward into the New Frontiers! All of the usual suspects were present as I was joined by Kai Schober, John Thornhill, and Talal Saad from Bioware/Mythic.  Kai is the community manager for DAoC and played Staern an Eldritch.  Talal and John are developers for DAoC and played Eldarii a Warden, and Kerllean our Bard. We also had a surprise new comer to our ragtag little bunch; Stuart Zissu the producer for DAoC joined us as Silverfox a Warden.

For those of you new to DAoC this is a MMORPG based off of Arthurian legend that takes place shortly after the death of King Arthur.  With the death of their king the lands split into three warring factions.  We have the Albion which most closely represent English lore, Hibernians which draw from Cerltic lore, and the Midgard which are rooted in Norse mythology. While the game has a fully functional PvE component complete with dungeons and raids what really makes this game tick is the Realm versus Realm (RvR) warfare.  This RvR warfare pits the three factions against each other in a persistent war for the New Frontiers.

At the end of last month’s DAoC Wayback Wednesday write up I teased that in this month’s episode I would be able to unveil a surprise from the developers.  At the beginning of last week’s episode I started off in the meade hall of Tia na Nog and showed off Grakulen, Corps Emissary.  The DAoC team created a NPC based off of my avatar honoring my prior military service.  I am completely geeked out by this and as a gamer this is the coolest thank you gift I have ever received. (You can see the NPC at the beginning of this week’s video). I’m humbled to now be a permanent fixture in this iconic game.  Thank you guys!

Our battles in the New Frontiers were many and furious.  We had open field battles, tower battles, keep battles, you can see us capture a keep at the 37 minute mark in the first video, and we even managed to destroy a tower that was full of cowering enemies.  The only thing we were not able to do was take a Relic (this will have to be a goal for next time we find our way back to the New Frontiers). 

While killing Albs, and Mids, but mostly Mids we talked about a few topics near and dear to the player’s heart. First up, Infernal Sleeves, Talal had this to say.  “We didn’t say soon, but we didn’t say not soon.” The developers really do listen to the players.  If you submit enough feedback on a topic they will do what they can to make it work.  One player asked what we could see from the Pictish invasion. Stuart said, “We have a plan.” Talal further explained that, “we have a few surprises left for you, tricks up our sleeves.” So you can look forward to seeing new parts of the Pictish invasion event unveiling themselves in the weeks ahead.  The developers would also like to encourage you to send detailed bug reports.  They take the time to read each and every one of them.

While this was the last adventure for our Hibernian characters (for now) this is not the end of our journey!  Next month we will begin a new in Thidranki as either members of Albion or the forces of Midgard. We need your help to decide which! Make sure to visit the Dark Age of Camelot Facebook page were Kai has set up a poll so you can vote for which faction we will adventure as starting next month.

On this week’s episode of Wayback Wednesday I will be joined by the team at Turbine responsible for Lord of the Rings Online. We will have a sneak preview of the Riders of Rohan Expansion.  Please leave any questions and comments in the feedback section below.  You can also reach me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/grakulen or twitter at http://www.twitter.com/grakulen. As always thanks for watching!


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