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Warframe: How to be a Tenno

Aaron Couture Posted:
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The day after TennoCon, the content creator ArgonSix was confronted by a less fortunate person in London, Canada. While he was walking back from getting breakfast, he met a person that lives on the street, and this is what he did:

Ok, first things first, not only did he give the homeless man his breakfast, he learned the man’s name. So many times, we walk by homeless people numb of their journey through life and just judge the person for their current situation. The first thing people think of when they cross a homeless person like Israel is to assume they are on drugs, drunk, or some type of criminal. Really, does it matter if you are just giving them food to eat? Being a Tenno means taking care of each other and being there for them even if they are on drugs, drunk, or a criminal. It just takes a second to give someone a piece of food to give them hope there are good people still in our world.


What I love about all game companies that have Cons is when they give back to their community. Digital Extremes is no different. This year Digital Extremes teamed up with the Canadian Mental Health Association to bring a better understanding to mental health to the digital worlds we play in. TennoCon 2019, raised over $250,000 (Canadian) this year to help gamers like us. What a better way to give back to the community than giving back to people with the same passion for gaming as we have. On top of what Digital Extremes was doing for their community, Bungie also raised over $3.7 million at their annual streaming event, GuardianCon for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Like giving a homeless person a donut and coffee to feed them and give them hope, these game companies that give to charities not only give a vast amount of people hope, they ensure our future is going to be inspirational.


As a fun sweepstakes, Digital Extremes is running a contest from now until December 31, 2019, sending one lucky person to space. Well, not exactly but at least the person can use the $250,000 towards going to space if they want to. Even though it is possible to send a person to space with $250,000, it is up to the person after they pay taxes if they really want to go to space. Would I take the money and run or would I go to space? Personally, I would love to go to space, but because of medical reasons, I would not qualify to be launched into space. The point of the contest is to make people smile and enjoy life the way they want to. While sitting in the audience of TennoCon, hundreds of Tenno would defiantly take the money to go to space. On the other hand, there were more people in the audience that wanted to use the money to buy premier bath water. We all have our priorities and know what we want that will make us happy.

Back to Earth

Games are a great way to bring gamers together for a common cause. We might spend our time hundreds of miles away from each other, but at the end of the day, we love games to help us relax and hang out with our friends. Events like TennoCon or GuardianCon gives us a chance to come together and do great things as a community. The time together might be hanging out talking about our favorite moments in the game or what we would do with $250,000, but when the Con is over, we can take the time to remember the great times we had together. We can reflect on the new content that is coming out, or we can stop and give less fortunate people like Israel, a warm breakfast. What we feel when we are excited about upcoming content releases is how a hungry person feels when they get food in their stomach or how the people that run charities feel when they see there is a massive check coming their way to help the people they adore.

Just know your kindness no matter how small it is, matter to someone more than you can imagine.

(Ed. note: Header image courtesy of Kevin Glint).


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