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Unlimited Powah - The Sith Inquisitor

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Last week we got a look at the sizzling Sith Inquisitor as part of the latest Friday Update to hit the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website. The Inquisitor update included a new class video, an updated biography for Khem Val, and a new fly-through video of the Fury-class Imperial Interceptor. I got a chance to see the scary might of a healer spec’d Inquisitor during the Immersion Days event, but this latest update has really piqued my interest in finding out what the full-force of a Sith Inquisitor will bring to the table.

The new video was obviously the most discussed portion of the update as we not only got to see the class cause her foes to writhe in agony as she coursed force lightning through their bodies and flung them off platforms, but we also got a tiny taste of what the Inquisitor’s story will be like. While the Jedi Consular seems to be a tale of diplomatic affairs, the Sith Inquisitor appears a great deal more Machiavellian in nature. Finding a diplomatic solution when tensions flare between two or more parties (or worse) is fine and dandy, but actively manipulating the allies of your enemy in order to trap them right where you want them? Tasty.

I’m not so sure about the Dashade, Khem Val, though. I don’t know, but I’m just not feeling that companion so far. He seems like kind of a giant mindless brute, and the Sith Inquisitor seems to be a bit more about subtlety (well, outside of the force lightning). I guess he’d be great for some great good-cop/bad-cop situations, or to silently remind anyone messing with you that they’d do well to rethink their actions. Of course, I realize there are more companions to be revealed, I guess I’m just hoping they come out with an apprentice-type companion. I wouldn’t mind having my very own Darth Vader to my Palpatine, so to speak.

More than anything else I really want to find out what the deal is with the tank-tree for the Sith Assassin Advanced Class. We’ve heard bits from the developers over the past few weeks, but I feel last week’s update was a great opportunity to explore the Assassin in detail. From what I can tell, it sounds like you’ll be a cloth-wearing evasion tank as a Sith Assassin specialized for tanking, but I’m wondering how much melee damage potential you give up vs. going full melee damage and how viable the tank specialization will be as a main tank, or if it will be relegated to off-tank situations.

While I already have a few favorite classes I plan on playing, the Sith Inquisitor just honestly seems to have something for everyone. It’s no wonder a handful of my friends have all independently said they planned on rolling Inquisitor on the Sith Empire side of things (heck, now I want one too!). You’ll be able to heal, do ranged DPS, do melee DPS, tank, and apparently even have quite an array of crowd-control options at your disposal as well. What is this class missing again?

Assuming you’ve got the time and patience, rolling two Sith Inquisitors (one for each Advanced Class) and gearing them up for all their various roles would basically allow you the capability to fulfill any group role needed in the game. If they end up allowing Advanced Class respecs then you’d be able to essentially do it all on one character!

So what are your thoughts on the Sith Inquisitor so far? Does the class sound like its got too much going for it? Or are you excited about the potential of having so much flexibility in one or two characters?

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