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Under the Hood of 2050

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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When playing any game regardless of reviews or content creation like I am Defiance 2050 it's not only helpful but enjoyable to read forums which often prompts me to provide my own guides or insights where I see a need. In Defiance, I’ve never felt compelled to do so as it has many passionate community members ready to contribute information and a data hub that’s been around as long as I can remember.

Defiance Data is one of many reasons Defiance and now Defiance 2050 consistently remain fun to log into. The community as a whole is helpful, banter is candid but minimally volatile and everyone is keen to just get in and save the world.

Referencing Defiance Data as I level makes life so much easier as this week we take a look at all the reasons I keep seeing hundreds out here hitting Arkfalls, dominating sieges and completing zone pursuits with me.


Switching between two accounts - one as Medic and one as Guardian - to see if classes themselves made much difference I can comfortably say no and now focus one character to get each class to level 50. Other than changing out the Ego grind which I missed for the first day (along with my charge blades and infectors. RIP) the only benefit I saw was at the beginning with the starter outfit which makes no difference really as you keep earning rewards as you play, including outfits.

Class skills are passives you might consider to support your weapon choices, less critical therefore less overwhelming than some class tree systems found in MMO’s. You might not see much difference out soloing quests in between arkfalls and sieges but in certain circumstances, these changes shine:

  • When classes are maximum level especially if you play with loadouts tailored to different guns like I do (including outfits and mounts to accessorize each loadout.)
  • Dungeons, also applying tailored loadouts.
  • Arena’s that unlock at level 50, also applying tailored loadouts.

Each class has three tiers and at the end of each tier, you choose an EGO Power for your class. Since I mentioned them, it pays to note that loadouts have also changed in 2050 making them simpler with stims and spikes being removed so the change from EGO grind to Class define was a smart choice, especially for new players.


Before we clarify Enhancing let’s glance again at Power Rating. This is where those who remember EGO rating will feel comfortable and where I get excited because this part feeds my love of filling in the blanks, no matter what the blank is in any game.

Your PR is determined by your most powerful weapons, shields, and grenades. Yes, your PR will remain even after you scrap an item.

Enemies also have PR next to their health bar which has saved me a lot as I tend to portal jump to complete Arkfalls, I would say on average I’ve avoided as many mobs as I’ve attacked reading Power Rating reminding me to get back to where my level belongs!

Building us up to Weapon Prototypes where I get REALLY excited! The only Legendary weapons in Defiance 2050 are available completing Zone Pursuits.

So about Enhancing.

Like many have touched on over the weeks if you pay close attention, mobs are hitting much harder than I am used to compared to each zone in the old game but after applying class points and tailoring loadouts there are two more steps for Defiance 2050 to really, make sense as well as fun. Enhance your weapons and keep an eye on your enemies Power Rating as well as your own to level faster, complete zone pursuits and get that pretty legendary!


So while I find myself questioning my aim often and driving still makes me feel like a drunken hyena swerving all over the place, what I’ve set out above is what makes Defiance 2050 more fun than the original especially since I am no longer a play one game all day or night gamer so knowing I can delegate time more efficiently is a massive bonus.

Updates since launch have also been frequent with server stability taking priority which is really needed because the game freezing that can find you coming back to your screen dead is never the way anyone wants to be defeated and while  Trion Worlds may have overlooked making the start of Defiance 2050 seem new - beyond the tutorial and classes. There is little doubt that only those determined to experience multiple classes, or group content and maximum levels will truly get to experience the changes that this game was reinvented for which is reasonable in a free to play game.

Time to get back in there and complete some goals before August 7th when the Demolitionist arrives while we get excited for the Content Roadmap shared today from Defiance 2050 Producer Matt “Destromanthe” Pettit.

 Happy hunting Ark Hunter!


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