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Turn of Events

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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In 2013, Wizard101 introduced the concept of "events." The idea was that these events and the dungeons/creatures they brought with them would only be around for a limited time. The Lost Pages event kicked this idea off and the Five B.O.X.E.S. event wasn't too far behind. Although both events were fun upon their initial release, many players feel as if they've gone ... stale. I think it's time for a new event!

Before I go further, I do want to mention that KingsIsle added a new Krampus holiday event last year. But, seeing as though it was released around the holidays and was labeled as a "holiday event," I think it's safe to assume that zone isn't included in the Lost Pages and Five B.O.X.E.S. standard event rotation. Think of the Krampus fight as the new Halloween Towers.

As far as potential events go, the options are close to endless. There are always areas (or perhaps times?) that could be further explored. To offer some suggestions, I'll be listing 3 potential events that I'd love to see. I've mentioned a couple of these ideas in other places, so my apologies if you've seen them before!

1. Ravenwood's Past

We've heard stories of what Ravenwood used to be, but we've never seen it firsthand. I'd love to have the opportunity to go back to a time when the Death School was still a part of Ravenwood. Seeing Malistaire teach young students would give more depth to his character and remind players that he wasn't always the notorious villain we know him as now. Plus, wouldn't it be nice to witness Ravenwood during a happier time? There's always some threat nowadays....

2. Wysteria's Magic

In Wysteria, we're introduced to 7 schools of magic that are eerily similar to Ravenwood's. However, aside from meeting each school's kooky professor, we don't learn much about Wysteria's magic or spells. I think it would be cool to have an event where we delve deeper into that mystery. Perhaps a field trip goes awry and players must learn how to control Pigswick magic? Or we completely take on the role of a Pigswick student similar to the experience found in the Chamber of the Mind? Either way, I think the Pigswick schools deserve some more focus!

3. Pirate101 Crossover

We got a little taste of Pirate101 in Zafaria's B.O.X., but the more the merrier, right? With Pirate101's playerbase in need of help, surely a larger crossover/promotion couldn't hurt. Not only would it be intriguing to see our wizards out of their element, but it would also be exciting to cast spells in Pirate101 worlds like Cool Ranch, Monquista, and maybe even Valencia.

What types of new Wizard101 events would you like to see? Voice your thoughts in the comments below!


Vanessa Mythdust